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Oh hey, it's 2019!

Oh hello there!

It seems like I've forgotten my blog. But not really! Just really busy with life as what we always say. ;)

A few days ago, I just realized my blogging e-mail was signed out of my phone... and it's been months! The e-mails I saw have been there since October of last year. Ohmygosh. I am so sorry I wasn't able to reply!

But anyway, this first month of 2019 is kind of not what I was hoping for. We've been coming to the hospital for almost every other day for tests and check-ups of my little girl. But thankfully she's okay now. :)

Now, it's my husband and my father-in-law who are sick. It's nothing serious, it's just cough and colds, but still. Praying for a better health for all of us for the rest of the year!

I always wanted to blog but time wouldn't just let me. But now, yay! I have a few hours to sit down and put out my thoughts here.

My 2018 was a rollercoaster ride as it has always been for the last 29 years. Haha! Oh yeah, now tha…

The Possibility of Working in a Recruiting Firm

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The job of a recruiter is exciting and challenging job in the corporate world today. Every day a recruiter has to compete with others to increase their pool of quality talented candidates to meet the demands of their clients. A recruiter’s job is also impactful and rewarding. It is impactful because he or she can change the life of a candidate by placing them in well paid job in a reputable company and having found the suitable candidate to fill up the job in their client’s company.

If you are a fresh graduate waiting for a job opportunity or someone who wants a cha…