How NESTOKID supports your kid to be healthy and #GrowHappy!

I was so happy I got invited to Nestokid's event last March 9th at Bellevue Hotel, Alabang. I didn't know that we should have a lot of energy for the event though! Haha! But it was really fun and informative.

For the first part of the event, we were greeted by Nestle Infant Nutrition Country Business Manager Ms. Arlene Tan-Bantoto and a DIY string bag. Ms. Arlene gave us welcoming remarks and infos about Nestokid. We then were given patches and we'd arrange how we want it, and that's where we put the goodies. ;)

Nestle Infant Nutrition Country Business Manager Ms. Arlene Tan-Bantoto

Here's mine! Love it!
We then went to the 'Gro Happy' history exhibit where we were told of how it started, etc. Wait, have I told you how much energy were needed to this event? A lot. Haha! All smiles from all of us though! Never did any of us left the room without a smile. There were several rooms to go through and there were games on each room and a lot to learn, too!

Ms. Nicole Hyala joining us to every booth we went to! 
The last part was with Ms. Nicole Hyala and Ms. Isha Borromeo, who shared their experiences as a mom and gave some advices as well.

Mga mommies, sure kami na kung tanungin namin kayo kung ano ang happiness niyo, ang sagot niyo ay ang mga anak niyo  - Syempre, who wouldn’t be happy kapag ang anak ay happy?  Pero alam niyo ba, na ayon sa mga survey, happiness is actually a powerful combination of a nurturing environment and proper nutrition?

Heto ang mga dapat laging tandahan everyday para makabuo ng nurturing environment para sa inyong mga chikiting:

Kids need a loving and nurturing environment to #GrowHappy. Ang tamang pagmamahal at pag-aalaga ay makatutulong na magkaroon sila ng positive emotional state of happiness. Kaya mga mommies, don’t forget to give the little ones a hug and a kiss, even during simple moments tulad ng bago lumabas to play o kaya bago matulog! 

Alam niyo ba na there’s such a thing as physical happiness? Para sa mga chikiting, ito ang pagiging fit enough para maglaro hangga’t gusto nila! Kaya mga mommies, tandaan na mahalagang bigyan ng time ang chikiting para maglaro at ma-experience ang kasiyahan ng childhood. Teach him to ride a bike, skip rope, o kaya mag-piko at tumbang preso! Make sure that your child gets all the happy exercise he needs to build those little muscles. Join in na rin para mas masaya!

And how do we support proper nutrition?

Sa gut o tiyan naaabsorb ang nutrients and where the “happy hormone”, or serotonin, and immune cells are produced. With a strong tummy, ang inyong chikiting ay magiging healthy and will have strong immunity.

Mahalaga ang proper nutrition for your chikiting’s growth and development.
Siguraduhing kumakain siya ng sapat na fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish and meat. Milk is also an integral part of the child’s diet.

NESTOKID® FOUR is a growing up milk that helps support your child’s growing needs. It has vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients. On top of these, it has L.comfortis, a probiotic that provides gut comfort, helps strengthen immunity and support overall growth and development.

So Mommies, enjoy your happiness with your child everyday! Give your kid NESTOKID FOUR. Because a healthy child is a happy child! NESTOKID FOUR, #GROWHAPPY!

NESTOKID® FOUR is not a breastmilk substitute but a growing-up milk especially suited to healthy young children above 3 years old. 


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