Being a Mom at this Time

I gave birth to Maco when I was 25, some say I was young, some say it was just right -I say, eff off.
If you've read my previous posts, you'd see how I often say how lucky moms now are. Well, we are. But then again, we have social media, and the people who loves to judge. I'm not saying I don't judge, that's hypocrisy, because I do. I'm trying my best not to, but sometimes it just slips out of my sinner mouth -and that's not a good thing. Other people hearing you judge other people -never good. I've had a post before, which I did judge another mother, I deleted it because it didn't do good to the other mom nor to me. The worse thing is that the other mom doesn't even know me nor do I know her personally, I just ranted. But anyway, I'm trying to change that. And I'm sorry.

Being a mom now has its own pros and cons. One of the pros is technology of course, it just makes life easier. From sterilizers to the electronic crib rocker, seminars here and there, facebook groups and forums wherein you could meet fellow moms, social media so you could show your little one to friends and family instantly, almost everything is accessible to everyone. Who wouldn't love those, right?

One of the cons is the people who love to judge when they don't even know the whole story -which I did, regret and swore to never do it again. It is hard being judged. Though sometimes I think it is also our fault to be judged, because maybe that's how we show it to them. But still, it's never good to judge. Especially on social media, you show something and people think otherwise or they think a lot more than you show, like there's a hidden message on it or something. And this just makes my eye roll.

Being a mom now, I felt that everyone is better than you. There are so many rules. I remember joining a group and this one mom posted asking if it is okay to use something(beauty related), and one mom said "no, don't use something with blah focus on your child blah blah blah", and I thought WTF is it bad for the mom to want to look good and feel good? I guess the reason she is asking is that because she doesn't know -well duh. Some moms said some sh*tty things, but I'm happy that there are moms who go in defense of the mom who asked. And I left that group.

There are also this people who keeps comparing kids from the other. NO. DON'T.

Hey, I'm not saying I'm such a perfect mother and that I haven't done any of this, because I did. And I really regret it.  And I'm TOO FAR from being a perfect mother, I swear. So whenever I think something not good, I try hard to keep it to myself. Hehe

It is quite hard being a mom now, or I think even before. It's never easy. Some people think being a mom is just having a baby, keeping the family okay, looking after the kids, but it's so much more than that -SO MUCH MORE


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