What to expect on #NationalPamperingDay by Nail-a-holics

Last October 17th was #NationalPamperingDay from Nail-a-holics... yet again. It was a successful event last year and I believe this year also -because when I got there, there were a lot of people already, and it was just 11:00 in the morning! Woah!

Little girl's still sleepy hence the face LOL

I tagged along my little girl with me just so we could have a mother-daughter bonding. When Maco and I got into Nail-a-holics Market! Market!, even if there were a lot of people, the staff was very accommodating, they were all smiles and would assist you until you get a seat.

Last year, they have 2 choices of what you would want; a manicure, or a stress relieving hand massage. This year, they offered 3 choices which are a relaxing foot massage, a calming foot spa, or a soothing manicure. And yes, whichever service you choose is FREE. Yay!

Another great thing about this event other than the services being free is that it supports World Vision, The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and Save Philippine Seas' added Amaro.

Ladies enjoying their foot massage and foot spa!
There are kids who tagged along, too!
Please excuse my feet LOL
So, what to expect on  #NationalPamperingDay... I know this is kind of late since it happened already, but this is in preparation for next year I guess! Lol! 

Well, since they offer free services, expect a lot of people. Don't get irritated if you have to wait, I promise you they're doing the best they can so they can accommodate all of the customers. You don't want to get a meh kind of service, don't you?

Tell them exactly what service you want beforehand clearly. It's a waste of time when Ate already brought her kit in front of you but you wanted other service than what she had brought. Well, they do ask it beforehand but just to be clear, y'know.

And lastly, expect to relax. This may not last long as you wanted, but hey it's free! And it's really relaxing, so... two thumbs up!

I guess that's it! I had a soothing time when I took part of #NationalPamperingDay, plus my little girl didn't act up so it was win-win for me! Yay!

Thank you, Nail-a-holics!
For rates and services, check their website here http://nailaholics.com/


  1. What a meaningful celebration of pampering day. It's so appropriate that ladies are treated with foot spa. It's so relaxing!

  2. Such a fun day for you ladies! Nail-a-holics looks like a great place to unwind and pamper yourself.

  3. looks like a good place to pampering yourselF! so much of fun!

  4. I love pampering myself so much and this nail-a-holics seems a great place too


  5. National Pampering Day?? Yeah, I want to start planning for mine as well next year :)

  6. This looks like a fun day together with your baby! I would love to have it here also in Malaysia, it will be really relax and chill!


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