How to Lower Gadget Use on Toddler

I must admit, I used to give my child my phone to let her watch her favorite cartoons just so I could focus more on my work, or whatever it is I'm doing. We also had a burger shop before that needed most of my time.

And then I noticed how my little girl changed her behavior. She doesn't listen anymore, she would cry because she doesn't get what she wants, etc. And because we've been having problems with the shop, I thought maybe this is also a sign that I should stop with it, and focus on my little girl more. And so that's what I did. (Okay, we didn't make a decision over night, we thought about it for quite a time)

Of course that didn't change my little girl in just a snap. But now, she only had 1-2hours max of gadget use. And I'm hoping, in the coming days/weeks it would lessen until no more gadget use.

H O W   T O   L O W E R   G A D G E T   U S E ?

1. Give your child other stuff to focus on. A coloring book, a pen, a paper, toys, etc... Whatever that is of course harmless and so your child will divert his/her attention to it.

2. STOP whatever you're doing if your child calls you, if your child wants to play with you, play with him/her.

3. And yes, let's go back to number 2, give attention to your child.

And that's it. It's simple. Just give more attention to your child. I may still have lapses, I know, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting there, and I'm such a happy momma because her gadget use has lowered than how she does before.

And oh, another one...

4. Don't give in. If your child cries because she wanted to watch, don't let him/her. Kids are smart, they'll know they can manipulate you when they cry. (Lol but true! Right?! HAHAHA)

Hope these simple tips may help if you're trying to lower gadget use on your child. And if you have additional tip/s, please do put it on the comment section! :)


  1. Good post, its really important to bring kids nowadays back to how our childhood was. Going out playing in the sand, so much outdoor activities. Now day many parents allow kids to get hooked on to mobile phone already.

  2. Great post and yes, I agree with you.

  3. great post. I agree that parents should limit the use of gadgets of their children. I was raised by parents who invested more in our reading skills and love for books than in gadgets and video games.

  4. Strongly agree and I'm applying these rules to my boy too.

  5. let them cry! distract them with something else educational :) .. good tips here

  6. Thanks for the tips! Although I'm not a mom yet but this might be useful for me.

  7. It is undeniable that this act is actually not good for children. let them do activities outside the home to be more sensitive to their surroundings

  8. try bringing them outside? Like have them play at playgrounds and stuff? I am sure it is also healthier for them since they are exercising in a way..

  9. Great tips for parents, especially those with young kids. Even adults need to limit gadget use on themselves.

  10. The most thing that parent afraid is their children crying if they not listening to them and I know this is very wrong.

  11. Great tips to keep in mind. Wouldnt want my kids to end up being digital kids.

  12. Yeah, you have a great idea there... give them toys and colouring books and daughter enjoyed doodling then

  13. Thanks for the suggestion! This is really important, I might try some tips you share in the future!

  14. wow great tips la...will be very useful for distracting baby!


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