Going on a Road Trip with a Baby or Toddler

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It’s sem break already and on the next 2 weeks, we’re going to have a week-long vacation, so is anybody going on a road trip with the kiddos!?

Going on a road trip is really fun, especially if with the whole family (meaning: with the cousins and grandparents)! The place we’ve travelled farthest through land is a 4-hr drive to Liliw, Laguna. It was still kind of short for some, but if with a baby in tow, it’s quite long already. Heehee!

When our Maco was still a baby and we went to Liliw, here are the things we did / we prepared:

Nursery Bag – this contains the little girl’s necessities; wet wipes, diapers, bib, towel, shirts, pants, milk, and nursing cover. This is the bag you carry all the time because you never know when you’ll need any of these.

Plastic Bag – Bring a little plastic bag just so you could throw the diapers that are needed to be thrown (ie: poop alert!), if you’re currently on the road.

Pillow – I bring a small one so my little girl could sleep on it while I carry her without me getting cramps. And also for the little one to be comfortable. Hehe!

My Macoki 
Car Seat – Honestly, here in the Philippines, it’s not very common. BUT if you do have a car seat, please use this. And if you have the budget to buy one, please do. 

*Check your car seat if it's safe, click here https://www.cars.com/news/car-seat-check/

These are the only things needed since she was still a baby at the time and she was just mostly sleeping.

Another travel we did was when she was already started walking. She was already a year old that time I think. I honestly thought I would prepare/bring lesser stuff, but NO.

Here are the stuff we needed to have in the car with us when travelling:

Nursery Bag – wet wipes, diapers (we prefer diaper pants because it’s easier to put while on the road), face towel, shirts, pants, milk, snacks, water, and nursing cover. And yes, this bag is what you carry around with you.

Plastic Bag - please read my previous reasone ;p

Pillow & Car Seat – always needed (!)

Toy – Yes we needed to bring one or two just so to keep the little girl busy while inside the car.

Snacks – have I mentioned this? But yes, we need a lot of snacks. It’s a 4-hr drive anyway, and we don’t want the little monster girl be hungry. Lol

As of this moment, these are the stuff I could think of, but I’m pretty sure there are still more missing on this list. So if there anything you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to write on the comment section!


  1. This is such a useful tip for mummies on the go! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I used to dread going on a roadtrip when my kids are still babies.... Now I can apply all these useful tips for my next road trip with the kids.

  3. Really respect those parents who able to manage their toddlers when they go for road trips. My friends even carry their toodlers travelling around the world. It must be not easy.

  4. I don't have children so don't have experience. But totally can imagine the hassle of travelling with babies and young children! Will let me friends read who are young parents.

  5. I dont have a baby myself but it is a good post because I am going to need it eventuallY!! Not easy to travel around with toddlers for sure!!!

  6. Yes, I am agree... A good car seat for baby is very important for his/her safety as well as comfort during the journey :)

  7. This is pretty much useful to parents of toddlers who love travelling

  8. Your baby is so cute! Car seats is really important for baby and toddler! It keep them safe too!


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