SOME of the Stupid Things Husband and Wife usually Fight About

Let's have a laugh, shall we?

Husband and I have been married for 3 years. We fight, yes of course, and the funny thing is, we fight about the stupidest things you could imagine. Whenever we think the stuff we fought about, most of the time, we thought how stupid it was, how childlike we were, and it was really nothing to be fought about. But even if we fight, nothing can tear us apart! LOL! Even that sh*t I told him to do months ago and he didn't do it yet.

Maybe y'all relate to this, because hey, this really happens! Well, these are just SOME of it. Anyway, I will not include that thing I said above, wherein I've told him to do something and he doesn't do it, because I don't think it's stupid, I honestly think it's a very serious matter. LOL

Okay. I'm very much sure I'm not the only one at this, but if you do not fight about where you should eat, then good for you! But for me and my husband, yes, we do fight about where we should eat when we're out. There are times I wanted pizza and he wanted Japanese. I wanted to save but the husband wanted to splurge because YOLO. Haha! Or there are times he would ask me where to eat, I'd say it's up to him, but I don't like his choices. Lol! And yet, he chose me. WHAT

When in a mall. Well, maybe this is just my husband and I, but we did fight on which store to go first. I bet you'd say, why don't you both go to the different stores at the same time, well honey, there are times I'd like to show him something in that store, like a hint that I want it, you know. IDK.

Ah this. It takes me 30mins to an hour for me to prepare, whenever we go out, but if in a rush, I can make it to 20 mins -shower included! But bathing my daughter and preparing her, excluded! LOL! Yes,it does takes a lot of time for me to prepare, and this is what my husband hates, but HELLO! I bathe our daughter and put on clothes to her, too! So... HAHAHA

We have our own trash bin here in our room, and emptying it takes a while hahaha! And so the war begins whenever I ask him to throw it out, and it takes him forever to do it.

Husband comes home from work. Went in the room. Left his used clothes on the floor. And sometimes, he would use his pants again, but IDK why he couldn't put it on THE CHAIR, or hang it. Ugh.

I honestly can't sleep in total darkness (lol) so we usually have a night light. The question is who would turn it on when we forgot to turn it on before we turned off the lights. Because who would want to stand up when you're already in bed, right? Lol

I'm one of the girls who love make-up. And sometimes even if I just bought a lipstick a week ago, I might need another one this week, I just need it, you know. This is what my husband hates. HAHAHA! I guess he just can't understand, and I bet who would never understand. But right now, we're on a really tight budget, so... I guess we'll understand each other now. Lol!

Hahaha! These are just some of the stupid things we fight about, and these are just for fun! You're welcome to add on the comment section if you think you and your partner fought about something really ridiculous and unacceptable! Hahaha!

Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. Hhahaha..bickering is the fun part of any relationship...but i can totally relate to the getting ready part. current boyfie doesn't make noise...however previous one did...ahahhah

  2. Marriage is like partnership for life. Understanding and acceptance to each other is very important.

  3. I think everyone fights too. I always have disagreements with my husband but I just try my best to tolerate.

  4. I agree that we do argue over this tiny petty things at times and when we look back it seems oh just so silly...

  5. Lol I love this article it's so true! I think most couples go through this.

  6. Have no experience but I guess many of these are really silly and can be avoided, when you are older, or longer in the marriage? I don't know, just making a guess. LOL

  7. Such a cute post! My hubby and me too have our silly fights. Actually that makes life fun...

  8. Hahaha so funny the both of you la. Yes to me i think if you dont fight, theres no love. I also alsways fight with hubby for the stupidest stuff and laugh over it after. And yes main thing " where to eat" the answer is ANYTHING. then hubby will say, he wish there is a sho named anything. hahaha

  9. I laughed at the 'Where to eat?' post. It's true, though.

  10. Haha I love this post. It's adorable how couples fight about the simplest things lol


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