Ber Months are here!

It's September!!!

The ber months are finally here and can you just imagine how close we are to December already!? That means Christmas, and yes, my little girl's turning three! Oh my. I'm getting emotional right now as I'm thinking the months/years passed, as what they say, time really fly so fast. Been seeing my memories on facebook and how my darling little girl used to be so cute and quiet. Now, she's still cute of course even though she lost some of her bigger cheeks (now, it's just big lol), and she just can't stop talking. It's annoying sometimes, really! Lol! Well okay it's annoying most of the time! HAHAHA! Kidding!

I'm also seeing a lot of Jose Mari Chan's face on my facebook news feed. LOL! (If you don't know who Jose Mari Chan is, he's a singer here in the Philippines and he sang one of the popular Christmas songs here which is 'Christmas in our Hearts') Christmas really is coming, expect to hear his songs in malls. And of course, Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas", too!

Christmas meaning gift giving meaning shopping. Ah yes! Even though the malls are jam packed during this season, I still love going to malls. And then I get annoyed lol! But still, I love going to malls, hearing Christmas songs, and seeing the beautiful Christmas decors. Ah I just love Christmas. It brings a lot of my childhood memories.

Speaking of childhood memories, I remember myself with my friends going house to house to christmas carol, singing Jingle Bells, Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit, and of course, We Wish You a Merry Christmas! Ah I miss my childhood. Can't wait for the little girl to really experience Christmas, too! Now that she's turning 3 before Christmas, I'm sure she'll enjoy it more!

But, what happened to my ~*life*~ in the previous months?

The first quarter of this year, I've been busy with my blogging life, but then we entered the food business industry. LOL! (It's just a really small business, though!) That's why I wasn't able to blog and attend events more often. I really miss attending events! Just today, I was so excited because I'm going to attend an event for a brand I love, but unfortunately, I overlooked the time! I thought it was at 3:00pm, but when I checked the message again, it was at 11:30am. LABO at it's finest talaga!

Anyway, I just miss blogging so much hence this what's up with my life post! Lol! ;)


  1. Its October, OMG ber-months are ine of my most expensive months, and can't help it.

  2. hahaha.... ber months... I never quite looked at it that way before... this is interesting...


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