SM Aura Premier's 'Art in Aura' and Weekends at the Courtyard

Last May 4th, SM Aura Premier launched 'Art in Aura' at the Courtyard hence Weekends at the Courtyard was born. Weekends at the Courtyard is like an art fair with different artsy booths from local artisans to check out!

The campaign, in collaboration with creative assembly KAPWA Studio, was kicked off by a showcase of murals by notable local artists Anina Rubio, Mercedes Olondriz, Archie Oclos, and multi-hyphenate Dee Jae Pa'este, whose works can already be found all over the metro.

SM Aura aims to take the art out of the gallery and bring it to urban spaces, to make it more accessible to everyone.The movement started 3 years ago with Filipino-American artist, Jefre Manuel, with "Steel Safari", a public art installation of 4 animals  unique to the  Philippines, followed by a Christmas showcase featuring Olivia d'Aboville's "Giant Dandilions" and Leeroy New's "Astreopora". Both large scale installations were set to music at the Skypark lawn. The Aura Tower also features artist Eduardo Castrillo's "Colossal Growth". The Colossal Growth depicts the movement of mass from linear to horizontal. It represents the threshold by which a form, or energy crosses a path and explodes to grandness, redefining itself. It was reacquired from Evangelina Gella Luarca in 1989. The Artist kept it in storage and restored in 2013.

Art in Aura redefines the way one interacts with art, by using images and patterns that are rooted to our heritage. Art in Aura features three outstanding local artists by providing them mural spaces to share their expressive work. One of the featured artists, Anina Rubio, is a freelance visual artist whose art reflects her love for the outdoors. Her work, "Through the Cracks" can be seen at the SM Aura Grand Staircase, featuring common household weeds which she likens to Filipino characteristics like resilience and adaptability.

UP Fine Arts graduate street artist Archie Oclos, pays homage to our country's "National Treasures" through internationally-revered "mambabatok" Apo Whang Od and Lang Dulay, the T'boli Weave Master.
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Manila-based Mercedes Olondirz' "Flaura" to depict her goal to bring back organic elements into the urban landscape. It is also joined by digital artist, Ramenrocky, whose works illuminated the Courtyard walls during the launch.
Art in Aura also hosts the first solo exhibit of renowned Filipino contemporary artist Philipp B. Badon, at the SM Aura Atrium, the exhibit is held on May 4-31.

My favorite.
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I was invited to SM Aura's Weekends at the Courtyard since their theme for the weekend was well, Mother's Day. The fam (me, Maco & Joshua), headed to SM Aura to see what's up. The mall was pretty jam packed as it is Mother's Day that day. It was so cute to see matching outfits of the mother and daughter/son, even matching outfits for the whole fam!

 What welcomed us to the mall was this floral staircase designed by Te Amo Floristeria Manila

We roamed around the mall before heading to the Courtyard. After some pizza and burger, we then went to the Courtyard -they do have some food booths in the courtyard though, and some booze as well. It was at the 5th level near Fitness First. It's their 2nd week that time, they've been open since last week (May 6-7). We met up with Ms. JM of SM Aura, and as what I've experienced with SM employees, they're really nice! Honestly, I've never met a masungit SM employee, and hopefully I really won't! <-this is true, walang halong echos! :)

I was excited when I saw the place, I feel like I went back to my younger years. Lol! But seriously, I felt young in a way! And so does my husband, it felt like we were such cool parents. Heehee ;)
I love all the booths, as all the products were locally made, alongside art workshops by local artists. Awesome! Every corner is so picture worthy, or should I say instagrammable. So, let me share with you guys the photos we took!
Jam packed!! What did I say that you could take photos at every corner? ;)
They also have live musical performances from indie musicians! 

 There were more booths that I wasn't able to take photos of because I was so overwhelmed with the place -in a good way! I was too excited to take photos, to look at the art workshop going on, and to look at the artworks! My head was like moving 360 the whole time I was there!

Free Mom and Child portrait from Andrei Suleik! Yay! Check out his facebook and IG, you guys!

It was such a different vibe from the whole mall. I felt young, wild and free as what Wiz Khalifa said. There's so much to do at this small space of SM Aura. As I've said, you could join art workshops, you could have your own portrait done by local artist/s present in the place, you could get your own artsy stuff, a new bling (is it still the term now?), or even an artwork to put in your home.

Weekends at the Courtyard happens every weekends, 3PM-10PM.

Thank you, SM Aura Premier, for inviting us at Weekends at the Courtyard, my family and I really enjoyed it!

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  1. actually i really love this kind of event, very beautiful deco. May i know where is the Courtyard? dint see the address?

    1. Hi! It's at SM Aura Taguig, Philippines 😊

  2. nice entry and nice picture story.. i also love art.. and will come this event if near my place.. =)

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you and the whole fam ye. I like the deco and the ambience there.

  4. I'll check the exhibit this weekend. How come I missed this event!

  5. I love going to events like this. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  6. Oh my~ What a beautiful exhibit presenting local artists! Btw, belated happy mother's day Mama Coi <3

  7. I love art gatherings and fairs like this one. Wished there is something similar where I live!

  8. What a wonderful way to spend Mother's Day. And you got the opportunity to expose your child to art in a beautiful exhibit. It looks like you had fun.

  9. This looks like an amazing event. What a fun way to spend the day.

  10. I actually love the piece that appears on the back of the stage! This was definitely a cool way to spend Mother's Day! I love to be surrounded by some type of art.

  11. Weekend at the Courtyard looks like tons of fun! The art is all very beautiful.

  12. Such beautiful photos. The mall is decorated so nice.

  13. I really enjoy art workshops. Always learn so much! But hey, you're so young girl! How can you feel any younger? haha! Enjoy the weekend!

  14. This looks like a really interesting and fun event. I loved how they also made a big effort for Mother's Day - it looked really lovely. Nice art as well.

  15. Wow thanks for sharing this event here, I will not able to go.

  16. I love this type of fairs! My hubby knows it and he regularly surpises me with tickets to all kinds of artsy stuff!

  17. What a wonderful way to celebrate and the variety of booths looks amazing. So glad that you had a good time x

  18. This looks like an amazing and historical place to visit. It looks like you had an amazing time!

  19. This looks so gorgeous! I love the floral aspects.

  20. It's great that they are putting more art exhibits on places more reachable now. I love this!

  21. Such an artsy afternoon! If only I've known about the event, I would'v dropped by.

  22. love the chill and arts vibes of the place! it looks like a great way to spend the weekend with your family!

  23. Beautiful pieces! I wish I would have been there to check it out!


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