Potty Training my 2-Year Old Toddler

Hell to those who did 3-days potty training! That sht doesn't work! Lol! Kidding! ;p

But if it did work for you, congratulations! But as for me, it did not, it took me weeks.

When Maco, my daughter, turned 2years old last December, I thought I could potty train her already because there were instances she'd tell me she'll go 'peepee' or 'wiwi'. Maybe it is also my fault because I would tell her it's okay since she have diapey on. There were also a few times that she peed in the toilet. But then, I noticed that she stopped telling me she had to pee. So when I was ready to really potty train her, it was hard so I thought to just let it be. I kind of stopped to potty train her. Sorry! I think I was being lazy, I didn't want to clean up her pee. Sorry!

Not sure which month of this year, but I think it was February or March, that I started to put my sht together and told myself that if I want to potty train my little girl, I should be patient with it. And it was so timely when I saw a post on potty training, I just forgot which site I read it! Damn it! But that blog post really motivated me to potty train my daughter. I was frustrated because some people were able to potty train their child for 3-5days! How is that possible! Anyway back to the blog post I read, she said there that what she did was that she told her child to tell her if her child had to pee, and she does not put on diaper/pants on her child. And so that's what I did, I didn't put on Maco's diaper and repeatedly tell her if she wanted to pee, she should tell me.

The first time, she was not able to tell me she had to pee, she told me after she peed. And so she peed on her pants, but that was fine. What was not fine was when she didn't pee for a long time, maybe she got afraid or something because she peed on her pants. Btw, I didn't shout on her when she peed on her pants okay! I just told her calmly that she should have told me that she had to pee. Husband told me that maybe our little girl's not ready yet, but I told him I guess she is, because there were times she'd tell me she had to pee. I became patient I guess. Lol!

And now, my little girl doesn't wear diapers already! Well, she does if she's going to sleep or if we're going out. And even if we're out, she'd tell me she had to pee, and I would tell her that it's okay since she's wearing a diaper. I can't let her pee on the mall's toilet because it's filthy. Lol! But true! Or maybe I could just bring disposable toilet seat cover? Would that work? Because there was a time we're out, she's not wearing a diaper and she had to pee, what I did was I carried her so she could pee and not sit on the toilet seat, but she didn't like to pee there. Lol! I just felt sorry for the place's restroom. Good thing it was just near home though, so we went home asap!

And so of course I've learned my lesson from this.
Number 1, that we have to be patient.
Number 2, that we have to be very patient.
Number 3, that we have to be the most patient.

I never knew I could be this patient. Lol!



  1. Hahaha! natawa ako sa tips coi ha! Anyway, si Jami saglit lang talaga natuto. Sa poopoo lang kami mejo nahirapan kasi hindi sya sanay sa CR. Nagkataon lang nung time na natuto sya, naeempacho sya Hahaha! so mejo madaming practice kami dun. Pag nasa mall kami, pinapag cr ko pa din sya then wash lang ng hands after. Lalaki naman kasi sya so standing while peepee is fine. Hahah! Pero kapag long land trip pinag da diaper ko pa din. =) good job to Maco and you! =)

  2. I found this write up pretty cute! Haha cant wait to have a baby of my own to really understand the struggle of potty training.

  3. Not easy dear! I can imagine your struggling and Good luck.

  4. yeah not gonna be easy but is good you start now. Mine was late to start and glad no more pee on bed.

  5. Congrats on your success! You can laugh about it now but I am sure you struggled with your patience! LOL

  6. good job... being married and having kids can test your patience.... so be very very patient.... lol

  7. it's true you have really to be patient, don't give up easily to train

  8. my friend manage to do it in 3 days... what she did was she took her daughter to the toilet every hour during the day.. whether she really needed to pee or not didn't matter... she increased the hours on the second day and then on the third until her daughter finally got the hang of it and understands to tell when she needs to go wee wee.... i have 1 and half years to go with my boy.. hope it works for him.. hahaha

  9. So cute! And good tips. Must be reallyyy patient

  10. parenting is not easy. keep it up!

  11. That makes all mums special. Patience is the key word here... agree totally.

  12. parents really not easy. would share this post with my sister. thanks


  13. thank you for the reply to this blog comment !
    and also thanks for your sharing this topic !


  14. Wahh good training. Better to teach them earlier so easier for mummy too.

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