My take on '13 Reasons Why'

Have you heard of this series? Have you seen it?

So I've been hearing about this series from friends, and yes, from the online world as well. There are people who likes it and there are those who don't. It's the series '13 Reasons Why', and if you don't know about it yet, it's about this girl who took her own life because of bullies. 

I've been bullied in high school, but not to that extent -like in the series. I had this one classmate who would always eat from my baon (food I take to school), she would always say "patikiiiiim" in a very sweet tone, takes a bite and then half of my sandwich gone. Yes. Lol! She bites quite big. Haha! She also eats my lunch.

And then I had a friend in 6th grade but when we entered 1st yr high school, she started hanging out with the "cool" girls and when we went to the mall one time, she would tell me to do sht for her. I was like their Jenny (Gossip Girl). And from then, I went away from her. We never talked and now, we're friends on facebook.

Anyway, let's go back to the series -13 Reasons Why.

I just saw the whole 1st season. At first it was okay but as the story went on, I don't know anymore. I just don't want to stop right away because I'm curious and I want to know the whole story. Hehe! And I believe a 2nd season is in the works already.

Well, as a mom, I don't think it's good for teenagers because I think it would give them an idea. But a part of me says that it's good to show this to teenagers because it would show them what would happen to the loved ones they've left behind. And to show the bullies what they've done to those they bullied. But that's just a small part of me. Most of me would still say 'no'. Or maybe it's just how you look at it. We have different reactions and all anyway, so.

I just don't get it why Clay didn't show the tapes to his parents the moment he got it. I mean if I were him, I'd show it to my parents, the police, or anyone right away! Hehe!

Bullying don't just happen in school, there are bullies almost everywhere. Why can't these bullies just stop? Whenever I hear something about bullying, I always wonder why they do that? Aren't they happy with their own life that they had to pull others down with them? I guess not.

This reaction is all me btw, I haven't read any reviews online before this.

How about you, have you seen the 1st season of the series? What do you think?

It's not that I need to post a review or something about the show, I just really got affected by it. Lol


  1. Interesting, this will be the next series I'm gonna watch. thanks for sharing :)

  2. I actually enjoyed watching this series too. I didn't enjoy the part when she committed suicide - wasn't able to watch that part!

  3. Wow this series are interesting... I will watch this. Thanks for this sharing ;)

  4. thanks for your thoughts. will probably watch it with hubby and not the kids

  5. Haven't seen it yet. Looks interesting, I hate bullies.

  6. Hmmm I haven't seen it but the synopsis looks good.

  7. That's an interesting story line, will probably go and look for this drama too :)

  8. This has been in my to watch list for way too long but I never have the guts to start watching it because I have seen the reaction of people who had finished watching it and they were all red eyed and seems like their soul has been forever changed


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