Why is My Toddler's Hair Growing too Slow?

When Maco was born, she barely has hair. Though she do have a lot of hair on her body that eventually fades when she's getting bigger.
Maco at 11 months :)
When Maco reached 8 or 9 months, I thought, "wait, where's her hair?".  And so I asked her Pediatrician and he said that it's just normal. That some babies grow their hair a little slower than usual, but they will grow. And from then, I didn't get worried anymore. I don't know why but whenever I ask her Doctor about something, even when I think I know the answer already and when other people has told me already about it, I feel more secured when I've heard the doctor's answer. Well, I guess because they are Doctors and they know what they're doing, they did study for it for years anyway, so. 

Some friends of mine would tell me to use this or that brand of shampoo for my little girl, for her hair to grow faster. Some even told me to cut all of Maco's hair so it would grow faster. Here in the Philippines, that's one of the beliefs, that when you cut all of the baby's hair, it will eventually grow faster. I told my husband about it, I told him that I want to cut all of Maco's hair so it would grow faster, but he said it wasn't true, and so did my Pediatrician. And I got that "I told you so" look from my husband.

I got a little desperate for my little girl's hair to grow faster so I tried to use the shampoo my friend told me about -didn't work. So I went back to her old shampoo. Then I saw this Moringga shampoo, and thought to give it a try! I guess it would be good for her, since it's all natural and no harmful chemicals. And I also want to try it for myself. In fairness, it does smell good, too! And okay, I actually am a fan of the Team Kramer, and I really believe in what they endorses because I think they really use it, and the Kramer Girls' hair are gorgeous, so. Hehe!
Macoki's hair now.
I can finally tie it like this! :) Her bangs are still a little short, though
Apparently, Moringga shampoo didn't disappoint me! I'm near on finishing our first bottle and I noticed my little girl's hair was growing thicker and kind of faster already. I don't know, maybe it's just me. But I did see the difference and so did my husband.

I'm not currently using it, though I really wanted to because it's all-natural and all that, but the bottle costs a little higher than our usual shampoo cost and honestly, I would be using a whole lot of it because of my long hair, and it would only last me half a month, so maybe when I get a haircut already. Hehe!

Not entirely sure if the shampoo did help with my daughter's growing hair or it's just really time for it to grow. I'm just a happy momma that finally, I can tie it up! :)

Mommas, Poppas, Titos and Titas, this is NOT a sponsored post okay. I just really love the product! But if they'll sponsor my little girl's shampoo, why the hell not, that's what we're using anyway! Heehee ;p 


  1. Hollaaa! Dont worry about your baby's hair! I was told by my mom that i had very little hair when I was young & she got worried too. Little that she know that my hair keep growing & became very thick. So no worries.

  2. so cute like a model.. my baby hair is not thick too.. huhuhu

  3. My son's hair is also growing too slow, we're using cetaphil as his shampoo and body wash, one of the sayings of my ex mother in law said that my son will soon lose all of his hair (naglalagas) but he didn't reach to that point. Babies are very unique, we'll cut my son's hair once he reached 1- he's 10 months now. Ganda ng anak mo madir! See you soon and hope to meet you sa mga event. :)

  4. The Chinese in Malaysia also believe in shaving a baby's hair and brows so that they grow faster and thicker. I don't know if it works or not but that would probably be what I'll do if I had a baby.

  5. I think you can try applying coconut oil too. It does help hair to grow more.

  6. Its not odd to worry about your kid but you should understand that some kids growth are a bit slow . From hair to physical appearance, it's natural everything will be fine at the right time

  7. Yeh it is normal for baby's hair to grow slow. But yes Morringa shampoo is said to be good for healthy hair.

  8. Moringga - please sponsor Mama Coi! I want you to! Hehe.
    In Malaysia, most parents shave the kid's head within the first 6 months so that the new hair will grow faster and thicker

  9. Wow thanks for sharing this, the shampoo really works.

  10. nice shampoo for the kids. will try it for my girls soon

  11. what a cute daughter and family you have there, and her hair growing beautifully.

  12. I think I don't need the shampoo kasi sobrang kapal ng hair ko as in hahah! Si daryl din ganun so basically si Jami makapal din ang buhok! Glad to know na natatalian na si Maco, soon kelangan mo na mag braid ng hair :D


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