My 2yr-Old Now

Oh how time flies! It feels like it was just yesterday when I gave birth to my precious little munchkin. Now, she's a screamer, she could eat on her own, and definitely know what she wants. And cries if didn't get it.

From then, when my little girl can't talk yet, I was sooo eager for her to talk, so I could talk to her about anything and everything. But now, damn, that little mouth doesn't stop. Hahaha! And I must be careful with whatever I say, because that little mouth will repeat it the whole day! Good thing I haven't been in that situation yet, I haven't cursed in front of her yet. Lol

LOL! How I wish... ;p
My daughter now knows how to count 1-10. I don't know how she learned it, I guess those lessons I was giving her finally were put to use! Lol. Though she doesn't know A-Z yet, there are just some letters she know! I guess she's pretty picky with her letters, eh? Haha

She doesn't like her ulam (viand), in orange sauce. This one, I don't know where she got it from. Husband and I like Mechado, Menudo, and those viands in orange sauce (sarsa), but my little girl just won't even taste a little of it. But she does eat spaghetti! I am clueless as fork.

Maco likes Peppa Pig. I've read bad articles about this certain show, and one of my facebook friends even commented on one of my posts of how bad Peppa Pig is. Maco knew Peppa pig from Youtube, nope, not the cartoon show, but from toy reviews actually. It's just now that I let Maco watch Peppa pig, the actual cartoon.

She can say "tweeeessss" (please), and "yusmis" (excuse me), and I'm proud as fun. And my heart melts whenever she say "aywabyu" (i love you). Ahh these little human beings! We're still in the process of her saying sorry whenever she did something wrong though. I know that she should know that by now, but I think she just can't say it just yet, what she does is put her head down, and hugs you. I guess that's how she says she's sorry. Yesterday, I've heard her say sorry though, when she bumped her father. So I guess we're progressing in a way.

She can be really pilya. There was a time we were asking her to pack away her toys and she pretended she was sleeping. Ugh!

When she found out my husband and I's names, she started calling us 'Mama Coi' and 'Papa Jojo' all the time. I'm happy that she now knows our names!

She likes to sing and dance! She sings even we don't know what it is she's singing, and dances whenever she hears music. Our little ball of energy!

I could just go on and talk about my little girl (hehe), but this would be a very long post (lol). 
Ah I never knew I'd be in love with someone this much.
I love this little human being so much!


  1. YOUr so so lovely & adorable! Love her smile! She is so cute esp the way she addresses you & your hubby, mama coz & papa jojo ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. Your daughter so cute and lovely!

  3. Wow So cute and lovely daughter

  4. Nice expression of motherly love your Baby is cute and smart


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