All Things Baby Sale at Baby Company - until April 2, 2017 ONLY

Hey there Mommas, Poppas, Titos and Titas!

If some of you don't know, Baby Company is a baby store obviously, which is found in SM Department Stores and/or they have their own boutiques in select malls. You can find here almost everything you need for your little ones; from diapers, to milk bottles, to strollers and cribs. Plus, they have really nice and accommodating staff -I assure to that because I've never been to a Baby Company branch that have masungit (peevish) staff and they will really help you to find that you need.

Last March 25th, my husband and I were at SM Megamall, almost everything was on sale that day, and so we checked out Baby Company at the Department Store. They have their own boutique in the mall as well, FYI.

I checked out everything first before getting the things I needed. If my little munchkin was still a baby, I sure would be getting a ton of things from there! I actually thought of getting some baby stuff that I know we wouldn't need just because it was on sale and those were the things-I-wish-I-had-when-Maco-was-still-a-baby. Haha! But it wouldn't be really practical, would it? Hehe! I'll share with you what to expect on the sale, and the stuff I got! ;)

Nursing Covers exclusive to Baby Company are on sale for 20% OFF
Look at these awesome prints of Nursing Covers!! 
Teething Beads exclusive to Baby Company as well
Exclusive to Baby Company toys are on sale!!

Look at this little munchkin

These are so kyoooooooot I want it!! These are humidifiers btw, and you may get it for only P3,149.75!

three (3) Avent bottles for only P2,099!!

This cute hand & foot print kit is free from EQ Dry Newborn diapers .
Toys at 20% OFF!!
Bundles of  Organic Wipes & Laundry detergent
I'm pretty sure these are Baby Company exclusive
These are made in Korea
The first time I saw this brand was in Grand Baby Fair last month, and right then and there I fell in love with it's design!
So cute!!! 

Strollers, Walkers, Cribs, Playpens, High chairs on sale!!!

Some of the items on sale!
Thank you Ms. Faye of Baby Company SM Megamall Department Store for assisting. :)

M O M   C A R D   E X C L U S I V E S
If you're a Mom Card holder, these are for you!
But if you don't have a Mom Card and you want to take advantage of these promos, you can get it at any Baby Company branch, pay for only P100.00 and you may use it right away! 
A single-receipt of 3,500 will get you a FREE Zoobie Chair!!

photo from

photo from
I really wanted this musical mobile but Maco's too old for it, so...

photo from

photo from

M Y    B A B Y    C O M P A N Y    H A U L 
These are what I got!
Mom & Baby potty trainer, Cycles Sensitive mosquito patches, Iwata mini fan (perfect for summer!!), K-Mom organic baby wipes, Beach Hut spray sunblock, Lactacyd toddler wash, 60+ diapers (not in photo), K's Kids Doodle Studio
And yes, we got a free Zoobie chair!!! Yay!!!
I got a Potty Trainer since we only had the one wherein you put on top of the toilet bowl, and we usually stay in our bedroom, so we don't have to run downstairs whenever she says wiwi or poopoo. What's up with her potty training? Uh well, you will just read about it in the blog soon. Hehe!

The husband told me to get the mini fan. Perfect for the coming summer I must say! And the spray on sunblock, ready for our swim this weekend! Yay! We got her the Doodle toy just so there's a toy naman. Hehe! We rarely buy her toys because her Titas and Lola are the ones who always buy it for her. Hehe!
My little girl loves her Zoobie Chair!!
My little girl excited about her new toy!

For more info about this sale and for upcoming sales and events,
check out their website and follow their social media accounts:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Baby Company, but all the items I got are my personal choices and not dictated by Baby Company.


  1. So many items on sale at such attractive prices. I am in awe and hope to get something even though there's no baby in the house! LOL

  2. such a good choice for BB shopping. my little one almost turn into 2 years old. now more look forward for kid stuffing .

  3. Those Mustela baby products are one of the best, though pricey :) Your kid seems enjoying her haul!

  4. This is like shopping heaven..and a perfect time to get baby gifts...

  5. I love how they displayed their collection of nursing covers!

  6. Great discount given. I want to get something there for my baby.

  7. Such a pity this is not in Malaysia, I was eyeing for the cute animal chairs.

  8. Going to get some gifts for my friend's new born baby. Thanks for sharing

  9. The toys!
    This is one store that I have to keep out of my nieces and nephews or else I will have to the whole store for them.

  10. great for all parents! Time to shop!

  11. Such a great bargain for parents to stock up their baby supplies :)

  12. such great deals for parents! should tell my uncle

  13. Should tell my sister about this!!

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