OPPO F1S: Travel Essentials

As what I've been hearing from other people, traveling is a better present to our loved ones than of the material things, because the material things may fade and lose it, but the memories will stay forevarrr!

So yeah. Traveling is really lovely as long as you're with your loved ones! <3

As a mom, as much as I want to pack light, I really can't because there may be emergencies (i.e. food/drink explotion, insect bites, and even poop explotion), so packing extra shirts and pants is a must! Mommas out there, you hearin me? Am I right? Packing light is not for us, mommas! Haha!

But let me share with you people what I usually bring whenever my little girl and I goes out of town! Of course with the rest of the family! :)

H E Y M A M A C O I ' S   T R A V E L   E S S E N T I A L S

I'm a self confessed 'germ freak', I don't like the feeling of dirty hands. I just don't so hand sanitizers or a bottle of rubbing alcohol is a must for me! Even when I just go to the wet market! Hehe

Every mommas need to have this whenever traveling! Because we just need it. Hehe! It also doubles as a makeup wipe! ;)
I didn't included diapers on the list because I think it's already given, right?

So we'll able to save space and bring more clothes, because we never know if we needed that extra shirt or pants, for us and for our kid/s. It's also good if we have sample sizes of our face creams and all that we need!

From my own experience, there were times that we ran out of the paper/plastic cups esp when we go swimming. So it was hard. This also makes us save money!

So that you won't have the dirty clothes with the clean ones, right?

Well, you gotta look nice in all those photos!

Speaking of photos, looking nice but the photo itself isn't good enough, what's the point, right? So having a great camera phone is definitely a must, to have great looking photos on our social medias of course! ;p And to also save space, a good camera phone is all we need! We don't have to bring those bulky big ass cameras! ;)

Let me share with you guys what's great about this phone... Oppo F1S has 16MP front camera! Oh yeah, I love this! There wouldn't be grainy selfies on my social medias! Haha! It has Beautify 4.0 and I think I wouldn't be needing that make-up kit anymore. Selfie Panorama, of course so everyone will be in the photo with you! It also has different filters, so you could just straight upload it on your social media accounts. For more of the phone, because I could just go on and on , you may visit this link http://www.oppo.com/en/smartphone-f1s#page10.

So there you go guys, mommas, poppas, and everyone... here are my travel essentials with my little one! I didn't include my husband's because I know all he need is a good camera phone, so... and yeah, and a deodorant! Haha


  1. I also bring sanitizers and wet wipes with me during my travel. Hope you'll ein the Oppo f1S

  2. I like Oppo camera!! The photo looks so nice!!

  3. Oppo F1S sound really great, guess I need one too


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