The Asian Parent Philippines & Lactacyd Baby First Baby Bash

The AsianParent Philippines in partner with Lactacy Baby invited me to their very first Baby Bash here in the Philippines! And I was excited! I always am excited attending events, haha! I guess it's because I could go out and have a real reason to go out. Haha!

I tagged along my husband and my little girl with me that day. When we got there, I met up with Ms. Janine from theAsianparent Philippines, she's so nice! Actually, everyone in that event was. :)

thank you Ms Janine for taking our photo :)
the "passport" to the event
The event was held in White Space Manila, on a Sunday, it was quite near us and no traffic, so yay! We got there with the welcoming remarks already starting. We saw one corner where the kids were playing, and so that's where we sat. We put down Maco and let her play with the other kids while I listen and the husband looking after Maco. Ah the perks of attending events on a weekend with my husband!

Our little girl looking at the other kids playing haha!
Maybe she's thinking on how to start on playing with them, just like the adults thinking on how to start a conversation. Lol
Apparently, Maco's not much of a social person, so I think she gets awkward at first until she feel that it's okay. I think that this also has to do with her being the only child here at home. :(
There's also a talk from Sanofi. The main topic on the event is Baby Weaning. They've shared about the milestones, being ready when the baby weans and all that.
Let me share with you, Mommas and Poppas, on what to avoid when weaning:

less than 1g (1/4 tsp) of salt per day as their kidneys cannot cope with too much salt
frequent consumption can lead to tooth decay, especially in-between meals.
high in sodium and many babies have allergy to soy products
there is a risk it can contain bacteria that can cause a serious illness called infant botullism
levels of mercury can affect the developing nevous system
eggs should be cooked until the white and yolk are both solid. Avoid any foods containing raw or partially cooked eggs.
high risk of choking. Crushed or finely nuts can be given provided there is no history of allergies in the child's immediate family.

After the informative talk given to us, we had lunch, and yes, desserts! Lol I just shared what not to give our kids but here I am sharing with you the dessert table. Oops! Don't worry though my little girl didn't have much... ;p
These are so cute! And also my husband's fave lol
Well, she's just guarding the sweets!
After some eating, we then proceeded to the booths to get our passports stamped on!

here's the before...
here's when it started! 
here's when the Mommas are doing the sensory bottles for the little ones!

here's the ParentTown App booth!
To know more about ParentTown App, click here.
Baby Weaning Station
here we wrote our experiences or tips on weaning our little ones
Free & Easy Station
where the kids played
Goodie Bag Station
the last station! Awesome people they have at The Asianparent Philippines! ;)
there's also a photobooth of course!
the ladies here were so nice, too! :)
I just want to add this because as a mom I'm just so happy they have these booths at the event!
It was such a fun event for Moms, and even Dads with their little ones! I sure had fun with my family. And I bet the other families did, too. As I saw all of them smiling all through out the event! :) It was so chill and just having fun. Ah I love going to events like this.

For more info if there would be upcoming Baby Bash in the future and read awesome articles, like TheAsianParent Philippines page!

You may also like Lactacyd Baby's facebook page for promos and contests ;)


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