How I am as a Mom of a Toddler

Before giving birth to my precious little munchkin, Maco, I've been reading blogs, books, magazines, and on facebook groups about what to do/ what to give and what not to do/ what not to give to your little one. I told myself "Imma do this" and "Imma do that".

For the first 6 months, it was hella easy! Because my little girl would basically just be laying down, rolling here and there.

But when she turned 7 months, oh my! That's when she learned to stand, and at about 8 or 9 months, she was walking little by little. She wanted to walk and walk. It was pretty tiring, but it was fine!

She turned a year old, it was still okay.
But when she was about to turn 2 years old, that's when she started to be a ball of energy and IDK where she got it from! And now that she's 2, oh man, that little ball of energy has gained more energy! At the end of the day, I'm totally drained. Seriously.
My little girl and her faves! Ice cream and Pizza!!! 
At first I don't give my child candies, chocolates, junk food, we also don't let her drink packed juices. But then I thought, what the hell, I had those when I was little. And so now I let her eat junk food. Well, don't raise your eyebrows on me moms out there, don't worry I don't give her junk food all the time! As what Mrs. Goerge said on Mean Girls, "What kind of mom do you think I am?". Lol!

All of the things I read on those magazines, books, and blogs, well, I really can't do those shit anymore. Because really, sometimes I just want to relax, and for me to be able to do that, I give in to my little girl. I know I've shared before to not give in to your little one if he/she wants something, but I'm so sorry I can't do that now. :( I give in sometimes. I give her chocolates, candies, junk food, you name it! Don't hate on me Mommas!
Mama and Maco at a Chapel in my hometown, Antipolo!
This is where I used to attend mass with my friends and Papa when I was a kid. Ah memories!
I want to chill, to relax, watch a movie without being bothered. But honestly, I can't really do that! The little girl would be crawling to me, asking for 'milk', or would say a bunch of things. Of course, I can't ignore her! So sometimes for her to keep quiet, I let her play whatever she wants to play, and let her eat all those junk food. Oops! In moderation, okay! Don't hate me too much, Mommas! Hahaha

Because I tell you, being a mom of a toddler is quite hard. It's harder than I expected. Surrounded by these gadgets, even if you don't want them to watch on iPads, and on cellphones, it's hard to not let them. Because sometimes it's the only way they'll stay quiet, and as a mom, you need quiet time. Or am I the only one? Sometimes I even ask myself if I'm a good mom for letting my child watch on my phone, for giving her candies, for giving her junk food.

But then at the end of the day I know I am, even when some other moms would judge me and say don't do this, don't do that. As a mom, I know we, moms, all just want the best for our little ones. And I think giving candies, chocolates, and letting them watch on tablets doesn't mean we're bad moms. And again, all of these are in moderation. ;)

I know we all want the best for our kids, so don't stress yourself too much, Mommas! You are a good mom, and you're the best mom for your little one! ;)
This, too, I need to remind myself of every now and then! 


  1. A great article and I do agree on quite a bit of the points you made. Cheers to the share!

  2. your kids are cute :) do agree with your points! thanks for sharing :)


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