Monday, January 30, 2017

My Grand Baby Fair Year 7 Experience

I got invited to the Grand Baby Fair Year 7, and I was sooooo excited! Ah I love baby/children fairs! Been in love with it since I had my little girl! Who doesn't love those tiny shoes, little shirts, and toys?! Right?
Entrace of the Grand Baby Fair!
It's at the Megatrade Hall 2 :)
Being a mom at this time and age can be good and bad. Well, one of the bad is that we're easily judged through our social media postings and all but, there are more of the good things and one of it is having fairs like this. It's so easy to buy a stroller to the onesies all in one stop! Plus, at a super low price!!! Ah I love sales! Being a mom, I fell in love with sale even more! Haha! But seriously though. I won't shop until it's sale. Am I the only one here, mommas? Lol

My husband's smiling pa dito hahaha!
That cute teddy bear!
For every purchase of P300 worth of products from the Nivea booth,
you can get a free teddy bear like this (NOT that size lol), and for every P700 worth, you can get a diaper bag! 
Haven't tried this type of breast pump, since I only used manual because electric breast pumps are expensiiive
But this one from Looney Tunes is only P2,000.00!!
Even toys are on sale!! These are obviously for 50% off!
Art kits, books, and educational toys for 20% off!
Expecting moms, and all of you mothers out there, I really suggest you go to fairs like such, because you would really save a lot. I wish I did when I was pregnant with my little girl. But, unfortunately I didn't know much about fairs back then. :( I thought it was just a waste of time, and the price would just be the same but no. Super different from the original price! Plus, you could get samples from most of the brands! ;)

They also have talks from the experts in the venue!
The wife can roam around and do the shopping while the husband and kid sits here, may natutunan pa si husband! Haha
Cute outfits for our lil ones from Carter's for 20% off

Different brands of cribs, strollers, walkers, carriers on this booth.
It's located at the left side corner
On this Surplus booth you can get not more than P200.00 of towels and blankets!
There are also clothing for kids at a very low price! ;)

The Belo Baby booth is I can say the cutest among all!
It also has this promo if you buy one product from them you get a FREE hand sanitizer,
if two products you can get FREE hand sanitizer and a bag tag! 
I was even hoping to see Scarlett Snow Belo there! Hehe ;)

I can't tell what's the difference from last year and the previous years since I haven't been to any of the Grand Baby Fair but I can say that the event is organized well. It may seem like a clutter because there are a lot of people, but it's just because there are actually a LOT of people! You can't move much. But even though there are a lot of people, and the line is looonngg, and I mean the line is LONG, I didn't feel like we're there for a lot of time, I think that we're actually fast given how long the line was. I even thought that while I'm in line I could look some more through the booths, but that apparently didn't happen. And in fairness, the cashiers were really fast ah, and the staff is really helpful, one lady staff even picked up my basket for me. I think she thinks I'm pregnant though. :( HAHAHA And they're always smiling even if they're super busy. And if you get thorsty, there are water dispensers all over the venue! Two thumbs up for this one! :)

Another awesome deal! Avent Starter Kit for only P2,220.00 from P3,299.75!!!

30% to 50% off on those cute white onesies, sandos, and pyjamas! 
Now let me share with you some tips that I think would help you if you're going to Grand Baby Fair or to any fairs/bazaars...

Go early as much as possible so there wouldn't be a lot of people yet. 
(but if y'all are going early, well, that's a problem. lol)
It's better to not bring your child, because there would be a lot of people, and siksikan and you might not notice your child that much.
But if you're bringing your child, bring someone with you. 
Bring a bag that's easy to carry and that you could see, more likely a sling bag. And don't bring much.
Bring your Mom Card with you, because if you reach a single receipt of P5,000.00, you could bring home these:

I opted to post this last Saturday pa, it was on schedule but IDK what happened huhuhu :(

Anyway, there will be another Grand Baby Fair pa naman, so I really suggest y'all Mommas and Mommas-to-be go there!!! ;)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hello 2017

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I blog. Lol. Oops!
Hello there! I'm back! Well, I've been away for quite a while and I'll share with you why on this post, so yeah, this is going to be long y'all.

Obviously, my last post was last year of November. And then, I was gone. I was gone for more than a month, even on my social media accounts, I was rarely posting anything. I was busy and I guess I was overwhelmed with what happened during those times I was away, I thought I needed a break.

the street I grew up in Antipolo. I miss this place sooo much!!
So in the middle of November my sister came from the U.S., so of course we'd meet a couple of days, though not everyday. So that alone was pretty tiring honestly. And then it was my little girl's birthday celebration. I was struggling to find affordable but good cake supplier and private pool. We really just wanted to celebrate it at home. But we thought we would also like to celebrate Joshua's maternal grandmother's birthday as well. So yeah, we did kind of not go with the original plan. I also thought that since my sister has been away for 16 years, I guess it would just be fine. Well, awesome really since she'd meet my husband's family and relatives as well. Unfortunately, not all of Joshua's relatives were able to come though. :(

her beautiful cake!!
After my little girl's birthday celebration, it was also my husband's cousin's wedding! Yup, just a couple of days after Maco's birthday celeb. Dressing up isn't easy for a lady you know (well, at least for me!), so that also consumed a couple of my days as well! Lol I know. Finding a good dress, the right accessories, etc.

And then of course it was Christmas! Had a really awesome Christmas last year. We played games and had an exchange gift like we always do!

The next day after Christmas, it was Joshua's older brother's birthday naman. We had a little celebration here at home. A week after that, we went to Liliw, Laguna (Joshua's father's hometown) to attend a family reunion. And I mean the whooole clan was there! Though one of Joshua's Tito told me that it's still not complete! Woah!

And then the worst part of 2016 happened.

We went home that same night, because Joshua's Tito was rushed to the hospital. 2 days later, he left us already. It was so sudden. Oh how we miss him. He'd always come here in the morning just to see Maco (most of the time though Maco was still asleep), and when Maco turned 6 months, he would give us Maco's daily supply of lugaw (rice porridge) until I think the little girl was already more than a year old! Lol! And then when Maco was able to walk, whenever Maco would go by their place (not far from here), he would buy Maco candies. Sayang lang na nawala isang Lolo ni Maco na wala pa siya masyadong malay, na hindi na niya makita  pa si Lolo Henry niya. But of course, we will make sure she'll know more of her Lolo Henry and that she'll never forget him.

After the puyatan we did, I got sick and had massive headaches. I meant massive. I've never had bad headaches like I that. Ugh.

Anyway, so those happened while I was away. I think it was a lot for a month. I was overwhelmed. I got tired that even thinking of what to post was tiring me! Lol. But seriously, I think I got drained or something. I felt like I needed a time off of social media or something, you know. So I kind of did that. And now yeah, I think I could say I'm back to blogging! I just hope this would not go away too soon. ;)