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My Grand Baby Fair Year 7 Experience

I got invited to the Grand Baby Fair Year 7, and I was sooooo excited! Ah I love baby/children fairs! Been in love with it since I had my little girl! Who doesn't love those tiny shoes, little shirts, and toys?! Right?
Being a mom at this time and age can be good and bad. Well, one of the bad is that we're easily judged through our social media postings and all but, there are more of the good things and one of it is having fairs like this. It's so easy to buy a stroller to the onesies all in one stop! Plus, at a super low price!!! Ah I love sales! Being a mom, I fell in love with sale even more! Haha! But seriously though. I won't shop until it's sale. Am I the only one here, mommas? Lol

Expecting moms, and all of you mothers out there, I really suggest you go to fairs like such, because you would really save a lot. I wish I did when I was pregnant with my little girl. But, unfortunately I didn't know much about fairs back then. :( I thought it was just a wast…

Hello 2017

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I blog. Lol. Oops! Hello there! I'm back! Well, I've been away for quite a while and I'll share with you why on this post, so yeah, this is going to be long y'all.

Obviously, my last post was last year of November. And then, I was gone. I was gone for more than a month, even on my social media accounts, I was rarely posting anything. I was busy and I guess I was overwhelmed with what happened during those times I was away, I thought I needed a break.

So in the middle of November my sister came from the U.S., so of course we'd meet a couple of days, though not everyday. So that alone was pretty tiring honestly. And then it was my little girl's birthday celebration. I was struggling to find affordable but good cake supplier and private pool. We really just wanted to celebrate it at home. But we thought we would also like to celebrate Joshua's maternal grandmother's birthday as well. So yeah, we did kind of not go with the origina…