Saving Money while Shopping for Christmas Gifts with Shopback!

Hey Mommas! Christmas is just around the corner, and we know how malls here in the Philippines are during this season, right? Good thing we could shop online so it's less hassle, and less tiring! I do love shopping online, however, some doesn't have sale, so it's a bummer! I love sale! Anything that would make me spend less that is! Haha!

Anyway, I've been hearing about Shopback from some friends and been seeing it online, so I tried it myself! It's basically a website wherein if you buy from your favorite online shop through it, you'll get some of your money back! Who doesn't like that, eh?! Just great for us mommas out there! We all know how tight we are with budgeting! Or am I the only one!?

So if you're planning on buying christmas gifts for your loved ones, definitely check out Shopback! You could choose from hundreds of shops from there! Now, let me share with you some of the stores you mstry to check out to buy gifts from, or even for yourself!

I recently just got introduced to Korean skincare (I KNOW!! Where have I been?), and so far so good! So if you love Korean skincare products, you may shop through to save a little! Althea Korea have a wide range of Korean products! You could also get some gifts for your family and friends who love Korean products! ;)

For your mom, your girl friends, and your niece who loves make-up, well hey, you could find it at Sephora! Sephora is a well known store all over the world! Thank goodness we already have it here, though just through online, but isn't it just great?

And of course, for your dad, husband, guy friends, and nephew. You could choose a wide range of products from electronics, clothes, to shoes, and even toys at Takatack’s online sale!
checking out some of the toys for my little munchkin!

S O   H O W   D O E S    S H O P B A C K . P H    W O R K ? 

First, of course you must have an account at Shopback, but don't worry, it's so easy to have one! You could even sign up through Facebook or your Google account!

 And then you could select where you would want to shop through it, you could search the brand itself, or you could choose through categories. There are a lot of stores in Shopback!!

And then if you've already chosen the store you want to buy on, you should click the shop now button. And then it would re-direct you from Shopback to the store's website!

Once you've paid, the cash back would then reflect on your Shopback account within a few days! Easy as that!

Since I started working and could afford on giving presents to my loved ones, I never thought how happy it would make me feel, especially when you know you've given them what they love! So if you're trying to buy presents, why not shop through Shopback, you could avoid traffic, less hassle, a lot of awesome shops, and you would save money through it!


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