My Little Girl is Turning Two

In less than a month, my little girl is turning two! Oh how time flies, really.
Photo by Picture Company
My little girl who used to cry whenever she sees other people, my little girl who used to be okay if she's just laying around doing nothing, my little girl who used to be so quiet, my little girl who doesn't cry much and only cries when she's hungry.

Now, yes, she's still shy around other people, but give her a good 15 mins or so and she'll be the kulit little girl we know! She wants to play, play, and play! Well, she's a kid after all, so that is totally fine with us. And now, she knows what she wants, and she cries if she didn't get it. It is a struggle for us, but I'm pretty sure as long as she's with Mama and Papa, she doesn't instantly get what she wants. Well, not if she's with the grandparents and titas... Oh well!

At this age of my little girl, she can count 1 to 10. Yey! I am just so happy when I heard her counting! With her ABCs, she can recognize some letters, though not all,  but as we always say, we're not in a hurry.

Maco can repeat whatever we say, so we must be careful on what comes out our mouth if she's around. There are times that she would repeat every word we say, like we have a pet parrot. Haha! Oh my little girl, my little darling girl. You are loved. Thank you for bringing joy to us. We all love you so much!

My smiling little girl

Let me share with you some moments I got surprised with what my little girl did...

Her cousins were fighting over an iPad
Maco: No! Don't iPad!
(Lol. I was like, what the fun, where did that come from!!!)

Her father was doing the letter gesture with his hand
Joshua: Maco, what letter is this?
Maco: E!
Joshua: Maco, what letter is this? (because it was C)
Maco: E!
Joshua: No, this is C.
Maco: No, E!!!!
(We all laughed at first, but we tried to tell her it was C. Or maybe she was thinking it was a small letter e? IDK. We were just shocked on how she responded.)

Me pointing at her name and asking her what letters it were
Maco: M-A-C-O
(Wow! Without us coaching/telling her what letters it were)

Oh how time flies. I still remember everything from the moment I gave birth to her, and now she's turning two. WHAT. As what I always say, I am thankful to our Lord God for giving us a healthy little girl. And for what I always pray, I just want us all to be healthy. All other things that the Lord has given us is just a bonus. And we are so happy! Thank you for everything, Lord God. We are beyond grateful.
My little cray family <3


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