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Saving Money while Shopping for Christmas Gifts with Shopback!

Hey Mommas! Christmas is just around the corner, and we know how malls here in the Philippines are during this season, right? Good thing we could shop online so it's less hassle, and less tiring! I do love shopping online, however, some doesn't have sale, so it's a bummer! I love sale! Anything that would make me spend less that is! Haha!
Anyway, I've been hearing about Shopback from some friends and been seeing it online, so I tried it myself! It's basically a website wherein if you buy from your favorite online shop through it, you'll get some of your money back! Who doesn't like that, eh?! Just great for us mommas out there! We all know how tight we are with budgeting! Or am I the only one!?
So if you're planning on buying christmas gifts for your loved ones, definitely check out Shopback! You could choose from hundreds of shops from there! Now, let me share with you some of the stores you mstry to check out to buy gifts from, or even for yourself!
I re…

My Little Girl is Turning Two

In less than a month, my little girl is turning two! Oh how time flies, really. My little girl who used to cry whenever she sees other people, my little girl who used to be okay if she's just laying around doing nothing, my little girl who used to be so quiet, my little girl who doesn't cry much and only cries when she's hungry.

Now, yes, she's still shy around other people, but give her a good 15 mins or so and she'll be the kulit little girl we know! She wants to play, play, and play! Well, she's a kid after all, so that is totally fine with us. And now, she knows what she wants, and she cries if she didn't get it. It is a struggle for us, but I'm pretty sure as long as she's with Mama and Papa, she doesn't instantly get what she wants. Well, not if she's with the grandparents and titas... Oh well!

At this age of my little girl, she can count 1 to 10. Yey! I am just so happy when I heard her counting! With her ABCs, she can recognize some…

Vita Cubes Fun Day 2 at Active Fun

I was excited that I got invited to the Vita Cubes Fun Day 2 last Oct. 22nd (I know it's been too long already. Sorry!). I was able to attend last year's event held at Fun Ranch and it was awesome, so I'm pretty sure this time's Vita Cubes Day will be so much fun as well!

The time I got there with my little girl, they were playing games already. A lot of kids were having fun playing! A lot of activities for the kids and the parents, of course!
Vita Cubes are cube-shaped jelly candies filled with vitamins and minerals, so no need to worry, Mommas! ;) Vita Cubes contain lysine, zinc, vitamin A, B, C and E! I, myself, tend to get worried or rather, I don't let my little girl eat candies that much because we all know it's not healthy, but with Vita Cubes, I know my little girl will just be fine because as I've said, it's high in vitamins and minerals! ;)

Frances Sales of Topaz Horizontalked and it was very informative. She shared on how she started with blog…

Review: Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

As y'all Mommas know, I got the Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar soap from a few weeks ago. You may read my haul here. I didn't use it right away as I was still finishing my then facial cleanser. But of course I threw that out and tried on the Apple Cider Vinegar soap from Skin Genie because I just can't wait already! Haha

I haven't tried the actual Apple Cider Vinegar nor have smelled it so I just based my expectations from what I read on other blogs or forums regarding the actual Apple Cider Vinegar. And yes, they said it didn't smell  good so that made me think twice on whether I should use it or not. BUT, they also said that it did really help with the blemishes so of course, I had to use it right away! (Lol! Just how us, women, think right?! Lol)

When I opened it, I told myself that it wouldn't smell nice, and good luck na lang sa aking face! Lol! Well, apparently, it DIDN'T smell horrible. It smells good actually that it made me think if …