Food Review: Peperoni Pizzeria, Uptown Mall

So as I mentioned here, we went to Uptown Mall for our 2nd wedding anniversary, we played at Kidzoona and ate at Peperoni Pizzeria. And I said that I would review Peperoni Pizzeria because I fell in love with their food and crew. <3

Before anything else, I would like to commend their staff, good job to Peperoni Pizzeria for hiring friendly and accommodating staff! Two thumbs up!

Now, let me share with you why we chose this restaurant of all the restaurants in Uptown Mall. As I've said in the other post, a lot of restaurants are open already in the said mall. We were supposed to eat at Tim Ho Wan because I've been curious of the hype but we chose not because I thought we could eat there some other time. I saw Peperoni Pizzeria's ad on the ground floor just before we get in the mall, and it got me curious! Well played, Peperoni Pizzeria. Hehe

Creative ceiling decor!
Wasn't able to take a photo of the whole interior but it's really nice and well lit
When we found it, I asked one of the crew by the door if there are available seats inside, apparently it was jam-packed as it was around 7 in the evening! Dinner time of everyone! Hehe! He politely told us that we could sit outside for a while until there would be available seats. He gave us the menu, which was really cute and creative. Ugh bummer I forgot to take a photo of it!

I find it so cute they give kids these cute wares! My little girl sure did enjoy her meal with these.

love their parmesan cheese! Hehe! Bago pa lang so hindi pa mahirap mag-shake para lumabas yung cheese
Love this wall art!
I really like restaurants that have open kitchen
Amatriciana | P 430.00
The 3 of us loved their pasta! I was actually craving some pasta from CPK (lol sorry), so I tried to find something that's quite similar to it. This wasn't close to it but Amatriciana caught my attention on their menu, and so that's what we ordered. Surprisingly, we all loved it. Maco approves of this pasta dish as well! It was really savory, the sweetness from the bacon balances the sourness from the tomato sauce. So sorry I'm not good with describing food. I'm just good at eating them and saying it's delicious and you should try it! Btw, you could choose whether you'd like your paste be penne, spaghetti, or fettuccini.

Anyway, one of the crew said their pasta dishes were good for 2, but IDK why, it's not enough for my husband and I. Lol! We're big eaters so maybe that's why. And plus Maco, yeah maybe because of Maco. (sinisi pa ang bata) Lol
Green Salad | P 220.00
Nothing special with the salad. Just greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Lol I feel such a foodie saying that! Hahaha! Anyway, I liked it even though not much was happening on this dish. I should've ordered their spicy wings so my husband would also enjoy. Or the chicken salad. Just trying to be healthy. Haha kidding!

My little girl enjoying her pasta!
We ordered a large sized pizza (P 545.00). You could have 2 flavors in 1 pizza, just like we did! 
I chose this though I wish there were more tomatoes and basil. I like that you could really taste the mozzarella! As much as I like the crusts on pizzas, on this one though, I hope the crust was smaller. We just find the crust to big for a thin pizza.

Bacon Miele
This one was what my husband chose. At first I didn't like it because of it's sweetness from the honey, but after that first bite, it was quite delicious. I was just hoping for a crispier bacon, but even though the bacon wasn't crispy, it was still delish! My little girl loved this one as well!

Overall verdict is that I love it. I love their food, their staff, their interiors. I love it! I know the price is quite higher than what we'd usually spend on when we eat out, but it was fine, it was our anniversary after all. A little splurging for a special day wouldn't be too bad. ;)

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