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Food Review: Peperoni Pizzeria, Uptown Mall

So as I mentioned here, we went to Uptown Mall for our 2nd wedding anniversary, we played at Kidzoona and ate at Peperoni Pizzeria. And I said that I would review Peperoni Pizzeria because I fell in love with their food and crew. <3

Before anything else, I would like to commend their staff, good job to Peperoni Pizzeria for hiring friendly and accommodating staff! Two thumbs up!

Now, let me share with you why we chose this restaurant of all the restaurants in Uptown Mall. As I've said in the other post, a lot of restaurants are open already in the said mall. We were supposed to eat at Tim Ho Wan because I've been curious of the hype but we chose not because I thought we could eat there some other time. I saw Peperoni Pizzeria's ad on the ground floor just before we get in the mall, and it got me curious! Well played, Peperoni Pizzeria. Hehe

When we found it, I asked one of the crew by the door if there are available seats inside, apparently it was jam-packed as it was …

Tupperware Brands KIDS PLUS, MOM PLUS Review + BABY CARE PLUS Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Took me quite a while to share my thoughts about these Tupperware Brands - Baby Care Plus, Kids Plus, and Mom Plus as I've been trying on their Mom Plus Stretch mark cream.

So I received these products a couple of weeks back. I was excited and so was my little girl! I hurriedly smelled the Kids Plus shampoos, bath soap and cologne. I actually didn't like it at first because I thought it was too strong.
Look what came in the mail today! My little girl's excited and so is her momma! Thank you @tupperwarebrandsph 😘 A photo posted by Coi Contreras (@coifishh) on Sep 16, 2016 at 4:04am PDT
We later on tried it to my little girl, the shampoo and bath. It has quite a strong fruity smell from the bottle but when you poured it on your hand, it wasn't that strong. It was my husband who bathe Maco when we tried to use it for the first time. He said he liked it because with just one pump it covered my little girl's whole body already. It foams up pretty well, so if you'r…