Toddlers, Books, and ABC's

We used to have a schedule for my little girl's learning, I let her watch some educational videos for babies everyday in the morning and right after her nap. But then I thought I don't want to force her to watch if she doesn't want to. And so I stopped with it.

So now, I made these awesome flash cards for her! Those are what I use to teach her her ABC's. And we also have books that we read every now and then. I don't force her to get a book and we'll have some reading time though. I already arranged her book bin so whenever she wanted to read or rather look at the pages, she could easily do so.

Lately though I noticed that the little girl always get her pouch of flash cards and always tell me "meeee" which means please so I could open it. And then she'll start saying the letters and so we'll have an afternoon of ABC's. She would also get a book and look at the pages. Her current favorite is this one:

Whenever she gets a book, we read it, or if it is something like this book which doesn't have a story, I just tell her what it is on the page, and then later on ask her what it is. Or sometimes I make out a story out of the picture.

I'm just lucky the little girl likes holding books, looking at the pages and reciting her ABC's (even though she doesn't say it right always haha). I'm hoping this would continue until she's in college! Lol! Though that is not like me, I read every now and then, but not as much as other book readers who could finish a book in just a day or two. I want to but I don't think it's for me. What I love is arts and crafts. I love pens, papers, color, you name it!

But maybe when my little girl turns 2 or 3, that's when I'll give her a schedule for learning time, I think it would also prepare her when she'll go to school already. But for now, I'll just let her enjoy her toys and not having a schedule for learning. ;)


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