Our Kidzoona Experience

Okay so I didn't realize I haven't posted about our "Kidzoona experience" which happened last July until now! This post has been sitting on my drafts since then! Sorry! 

I've been hearing and seeing about Kidzoona for a couple of months already and since then I wanted to go in one of their branches already! I originally wanted to go to their Robinsons Galleria branch because as I saw from the other mommy bloggers how huge it was! But when I found out that their Uptown Mall branch was open already, yaassss!!

So yeah, for our 2nd wedding anniversary, we went to Kidzoona! It was also our first time to go to Uptown Mall, and most shops weren't open yet. Love it! Though most of the restaurants were open already, and there were a LOT. And I thought it was great so it wouldn't be a hassle for us to dine right after we played at Kidzoona. When we went to Kidzoona, we noticed that it was not that big compared to their Robinsons Galleria branch. Or maybe there were just a LOT of kids at the time! And I meant, a LOT. My husband looked at me with the "lets-go-somewhere-else" look, but no, I wanted to Kidzoona! Lol

P300.00 for one adult and one child which was 90 mins of play + P150.00 for additional adult.  I say not bad for the rates, 90 minutes of play was really long and quite exhausting already! Husband and I kept on asking each other what the time was as we were getting tired from all the running! And playing.

Now, here are the photos!!
Me: "Dun kayo sa may entrance, I'll take a photo"
Good guy husband followed but did not smile. Hahaha!
 The place was jam-packed! As in! Sobra!

Friendly staff of Kidzoona. I'm not being sarcastic okay, they're really friendly and accommodating.
Two thumbs up for them!! <3
Dads being dads. Lol *look at the other dad on the other chair
I think I'm more excited than Macoki! Haha

"Games-for-the-little-ones" Area
well that is what I call this area. Hehe
Mostly little kids play on this area because not much is happening. Well, not really not much but you know what I'm trying to say, right? 

Love this doll house! Would love to make one for my little girl.
My little girl's favorite!
She goes back to this table all the time! 
Maco also wants to try this one but this doesn't go vacant! And Maco's too little for it.
Look at all the pretend shops! So cute!
As much as I want Maco to play with it, all the stalls were occupied all the time and Maco doesn't really care about it. Haha
Look at this pretend supermarket and a dad playing with her little girl. So cute!
Husband: "Coi!" and then I screamed a little! Hahaha!
This looks so real I can't even touch it! Poor photo quality nga lang hehe
This one was quite interesting! The yellow part we were looking at goes up as a slide and the kids could let go on the ropes and slide! I would love to try it but Maco's too little for it, I'm afraid she might get squeezed by the bigger kids.

My least fave. Ha-ha! 
This one was the slide wherein you go straight on the ball pit. I tried it with Maco and it scared the sheet out of me! I went down too fast and so I laid flat on myback when I reached the ground. It was so embarrassing, the kidzoona staff that was on the end of the slide was kind of surprised on the way I slid down. Hahaha! So no worries moms, their was a kidzoona staff who's guarding the end of the slide. But I noticed I was the only one who slid down like that. I guess, this slide is not for the bigger kids. Lol
My awesome family
In the "Dance Room"
I forgot what they really call this room, but it has this big TV and Xbox wherein you could dance hence I call it the "dance room".

Yep, those are Maco's hands and face. Hehe!
Look how much fun my husband had!
Yesssss. Maco and I were tired with all the play we had!
But  yes, we spotted a vacant pretend kitchen and so we went there!
My two loves having some tea time. <3
We had so much fun at Kidzoona! Our P 450.00 was super sulit! Plus, the staff was really accommodating and always smiling. Would definitely go back! Hopefully when we go back, there would be not much of people but I doubt it. Hahaha!

For the rates, click here.


  1. Chelsea will.definitely love to go there.
    She loves playroom,huge playroom where she can do hide and seek and balls are her weakness.

  2. I love that there are many activities to be done there. =) The dads. haha..
    The fish, does look real!

  3. The place spells love, time, and care. I love it when parents find time to bond with their little darlings. And how cute of husband to spend some tea time with the princess and yes, pose for a picture at the entrance.

  4. Kidzoona is opening from malls to malls. SM Batangas just opened this month but we haven't tried it yet. Its always crowded so im waiting for a perfect time to try it with the kids.

  5. Been wanting to try Kidzoona too but Robinson's Galleria is quite far from our place. Super happy to know that they now have a branch at the Uptown Mall. Excited to take my son there! :)

  6. hahahaha natawa din ako don sa isda. It really looks real. I would love to bring my Zd bear in Kidzoonia. Kasi gustong gusto nila mag explore lagi eh.

  7. Haha completely understandable, any parent (AKA the young ones) would be excited to visit a place like this! Ball piiiiit!

  8. Looks like you guys had much fun. Sana lang for a more enjoyable play experience they should institute max play capacity.

  9. My kids love kidzoona! I am not sure if they have the dance room from SM Masinag, we should check that one out this weekend. We are planning to take the kids there again.

  10. aw, my boys haven't been to kidzoona yet.. I'm sure they'll both dig it especially the pretend shops!

  11. I've not been to Uptown mall but it's the closest to us with a Kidzoona branch. Will check it out. :)

  12. Wow! We usually go to Uptown Mall but I haven't heard about this. 450php sounds reasonable having so many things to do inside. My kiddo will surely enjoy this. Thanks for sharing!

  13. 'the place for fun and memories of childhood.. surely kiddos will love to stay here everyday

  14. I didn't know they have one in UPTown Mall. We usually frequent their SM Masinag Branch.

  15. Our little guy also enjoys going to Kidzoona with his cousins. The nearest one to us is at Robinsons Malolos. I like that it's affordable and that they have toys and activities that enhance cognitive development among kids. Yun lang, it's so good that it's always crowded. hehe Adults also enjoy a lot! :D

  16. I heard a lot about kidzoona kaya lang layo sa akin, I still have free tickets here :-) mukhang okay siya kids will surely enjoy

  17. Very sulit nga! We have one in a mall near our place and for the same rate, 1 hour lang. Needless to say pa na mas maganda the play area in Kidzoona. Will definitely bring my kid army here soon :)

  18. Looks like you guys really had fun at Kidzoona! My daughter's a bit older na so I rather take her to bigger places but this place is bagay for my toddler.

  19. My office is just behind Rob Galleria and we attend Sunday service at Galle as well but I have never checked out the Kidzoona area up to this day. Though I have been hearing a lot of good things about it from my work colleagues. Hopefully, I would be able to bring the little boy one of these days.


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