Watercolors 101 Workshop with The Crafters Marketplace

A few months ago I was invited by Mommy Bloggers Philippines and The Crafters Marketplace for a Dad paint workshop, unfortunately though I wasn't able to attend because we need to be somewhere else at the time.

So when The Crafters Marketplace asked mommy bloggers again for a paint workshop (though not with dads anymore) for July 30, I immediately signed up and hoped to be picked! Ah yessssssss

I tagged along my husband's niece with me as I know she loves arts and crafts just like me! And girl, was she excited (well, as what her mom told me)! We were there quite early I think as there were not much mommy bloggers yet at the venue, and so I got her some fries so she would not be hungry while waiting and working at the workshop.

Ms. Alma, 1/2 of the people behind The Crafters Marketplace, introduced to us Ian de Jesus, the workshop's facilitator. Ian asked us first who have gone to a paint workshop before, I didn't raise my hand as I really haven't been to a paint workshop though we did study it way back in college. I did raise my hand later but I guess he didn't notice it already. Hehe! But it was fine as I've learned new things in his workshop. In college, we weren't taught an in depth background about the paints and paint brushes, we focused on the strokes and stuff like that. Or IDK anymore, it's been too long! Hehe! Also, I am not that good working with brushes.

Ian telling us about the tube paints
Did you know in the earlier times, what they use in the paintings were pigments coming from natural resources? Like from food, stones, etc! Resourcefulness at it's finest!

Ian telling us about the pan paints
My niece listening attentively on the first part of the workshop! Haha
While Ian was telling us stories with the paints. My niece then raised her hand and told us that Leonardo da Vinci didn't finish Mona Lisa on his own! He had help from his assistant/s and this was backed up by Ian. Gahd I didn't know that!

Ian telling us about the different paint brushes, what it's called and it's uses
After some talks, now we're up to paint! Yey! Here are more photos I took during the workshop! ;)
My niece working on her 'color wheel'
Ian showing us on how to make our very own color wheel
My very own color wheel! 
On to the next exercise on our post cards!
BTW, look at our rendered turtles! Haven't finished mine yet though huhu
Mommas busy with their paintings ;)
Here's my 2nd exercise 
Oops this is our last exercise already! Forgot to take photo of our 3rd exercise!
Yey! Looks good from this view! Haha
My finished work! 
Ian's work
Ian's work
My work looks so good from afar! Hahaha!
And a gift from The Crafters Marketplace! Thank you!
Photo from The Crafters Marketplace facebook page
Again, thank you to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and The Crafters Marketplace for inviting us! It was an afternoon filled of fun, lessons, and paint!!! I loved it!

The Crafters Marketplace btw just launched their Little Crafters Art Playgroup this August!
So if your child or if you have a niece/nephew who loves arts & crafts, you might want to check this out!

For more info and inquiries about their workshops, you may visit their facebook accounts


  1. Mukhang sa arts talaga ang interest ni Dylan, its great that you brought her along. Next time with Maco na!

    1. Kaya nga eh. Excited ako kapag pwede na si Maco hehe

  2. I would love to join this kind of workshop, I hope meron sila activity for South Luzon people. Nice work, pwede na logo ng iyong blog. :)

  3. Such a fun and interesting workshop. And i love the works of the facilitator and yours is as beautiful.

  4. My daughter would surely loved this kind of craft, sadly malayo yung place ng little crafter, hopefully they will have branch here in South. Your creations are pretty and so does all who attended :)

  5. Pag may nakikita akong watercolor events just like this, naiinggit talaga ako. huhu. I was supposed to attend one event but I had to cancel because I had another scheduled task to do. I hope one day, talagang makaattend na ako ng watercolor workshop. :D I bet you enjoyed this, plus the mommy bloggers are there o, konti pa lang kilala kong mommy bloggers in person. Hope to see you someday, sis! :)

  6. Would have love to attend this event as both my daughters really love painting, but because of my schedule, I was not able to sign up. Hopefully, there will be a next time. :)

  7. Would have love to attend this event as both my daughters really love painting, but because of my schedule, I was not able to sign up. Hopefully, there will be a next time. :)

  8. Oooh, this is something I want to learn. My kids have school that day e so I couldn't sign up. Huhu. Sayang, sana meron ulit next time. Nice work, by the way. :)

  9. I am so jealous! I do calligraphy and brush lettering but have never used watercolour as my medium (because I'm afraid I would mess up haha). I'm inspired to try watercolour because of this!

  10. Nice meeting you there at the workshop. :) It was so much fun, diba? I loved it! By the way, I love your work. Ang gaganda!

  11. I am so jealous right now... I love scrapbooking because of crafts, DIYs and artsy... Hopefully, will attend a workshop before the year ends. Ang galing ni Dylan, ang gaganda ng color combi... And yours too!

  12. Sayang I didn't make it to this event. but wow! i like the finished products! hahahaa..need to drop by this place soon.

  13. I wanted to join this workshop and bond with co-bloggers. But, the schedule was the same as the last rehearsal of my selfie queen for her model contest. I can see that all of you enjoyed it. I hope to join next time.

  14. Hi Coi! You're so lucky and so talented!!! <3 Let's attend a workshop together soon :) Keep this up, okay? I love reading your blog!!

  15. Nice work! You all looked you enjoyed the workshop. Hope to join the The Crafter's Marketplace next Watercolors 101 Workshop. Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. Whoa! Beautiful works! I want to attend workshops like these, parang nakakawala ng stress :)

  17. Next time, I'll join talaga, this looks fun and magandang pantanggal ng stress!

  18. Nice work mommy :-) hope i can learn how to be artistic

  19. These workshops are a great way to unleash the creative in you!! Galing!


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