Tips to Prolong Breastmilk Supply

Macoki at 1 month
I honestly didn't expect my breastmilk would still be available up until now. But it did, and I'm thankful for that!

So now at 19 months, I'm still breastfeeding my little girl. Read more about it here. Now let me share with some tips on how to prolong your breastmilk.

Drink lots of water! Yes, it helps. And if you can, eat more soup than of fried food. I tell you, when my in-laws found out that what I wanted was to breastfeed my little girl, our ulam almost everyday is tinola! Ako na yung nagsasawa eh. Haha! But don't just limit your ulam with just tinola okay! Hahaha! Remember we have sinigang, nilaga, and the like.

Speaking of tinola, you must have malunggay with it! I mean yes. Malunggay, malunggay, malunggay! When we actually cook tinola here we rarely use malunggay, but because I'm breastfeeding, we gotta have it! 

Just let your baby latch. On the earlier days of my breastfeeding, I actually thought I don't have much milk, but don't think that way because you do, and just let your baby latch. It helps! It's like demand and supply. The more your baby demands, the more your supply will be.

T H I N K   P O S I T I V E
Just think positive. Think that you have enough or better is that you have abundant of milk! Mind over matter as what they say. Always think that you have abundance supply of the liquid gold because you do!

Have enough sleep/rest. Do not exhaust yourself too much because your body is actually working for your little one's milk and I tell you even when you're just laying or sitting while feeding your little one, it still is tiring! After your little one latched, you will be hungggrrryyy! It feels like you ran a track race.

I know those are just simple tips but it worked for me. And just a reminder, eat healthy food! Because that's what your baby eat, too! As much as possible eat a lot of veggies and fruits. Now that was my mistake, I used to eat junk food just so I could fill my tummy but that was a big NO. Prepare your food beforehand so right after you fed your little one, your food's ready already, because for sure you will be hungry!

Happy breastfeeding! ;)


  1. Still breastfeeding my 31month old toddler. Latch lang. Yun lang talaga. :)

  2. Thank you for the tips. Really helpful for this mommy. Weve been breastfeeding for only 13months and I plan to breastfeed him for as long as he wants. I attended a wellness talk last two saturdays ago and learned that prolonged breastfeeding has its own negative effects as well. But I am still on the side of breastfeeding my son and we will just decide until when when we get there.

  3. Keep it up, fellow breastfeeding mom :)

    If I may add to your list of milk-boosters:
    Ginisang Monggo with Malunggay
    Molo Soup with Malunggay
    Dumplings with Malunggay bits
    Cucumber and Malunggay Shake
    Pineapple and Malunggay Shake
    Malunggay Pan De Sal
    Lactation Cookies

  4. Agree on all! Used all of these for my milk supply. Still breastfeeding my 2 yr old son. Also sea clams are also useful.

  5. Keep it up! I've been reading a lot of breastfeeding moms posts and good to know na marami kayo matiyaga. :)

  6. I swear by with malunggay! During my breastfeeding years its like an everyday soup. Good thing my in laws have this abundant malunggay tree beside their home.. They usually cook "bulanglang" for me and i love it!

  7. I agree with all of these. Sobrang laking tulong rin talaga ng direct latch and getting enough rest. At saka syempre, yung positivity. I don't have an abundant supply of milk. I only pump a little when I was still working in the office pero yung drive ko talaga na ma-breastfeed ang anak ko, it really helped me to push through with my breastfeeding goals. Wag lang talagang susuko. :D

  8. Congrats sis, you did a great job. Yeah I agree Malunggay and drinking a lot of fluids it's very helpful to produce milk.

  9. I breastfeed until he reached two, I just drink a lot of fluids lang before and masabaw na Iba bonding ng mag ina pag breastfeed

  10. These are very helpful tips for moms who breastfeed. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are very good tips for breast feeding moms. When I was breastfeeding my kids I remember taking malunfay capsules, plus plenty of liquid.

  12. Congratulations on deciding to breastfeed your child! Indeed, breastmilk is the best! I, myself, breastfed my daughter for 4 years and 8 months. She self-weaned just last May 8th of this year. :)

  13. Congratulations! I'm also breastfeeding my youngest son until now that he is almost 2 years old. My goal is breastfeed him at least until his 2nd birthday. :) Did the same with his 2 older brothers. I even wrote a book on breastfeeding to document our breastfeeding journey.

  14. Very helpful tips! I agree with everything - a healthy diet, actually, a healthy lifestyle is a must - but the thing that kept me going for 3 years is a positive mindset.

  15. I couldn't agree more. Latching and taking care of yourself really top the list. How long do you plan to breastfeed? :)

  16. I've been breastfeeding for almost 3 years and I can say that yur advice is spot on! This is definitely a must for new mommies!

  17. I didn't have any problem with my milk supply because as soon as the baby latches, the supply starts. I'm the poster girl for milk supply and demand, but for some, I think, it doesn't apply yata even when they are instructed by their doulas.

  18. Check on everything! Happy to meet another breastfeeding mommy, been breastfeeding my son for 11 month naman :) Lately I'm not able to express milk consistently sa office so it helps talaga that we unli latch whenever I'm home.

  19. When I was still breastfeeding, I always make it a point to keep myself hydrated. But for me, the most important tip is to rest :))

  20. My little one is ebf since day 1 until now that he is 20months old. Planning to bf him as long as he wants. Maybe when he reach 3 years old. I agree, be positive and keep latching! Kudos to us mommies!

  21. We stopped na at 2 yrs old and 7 months but my other twin is still latching on me from time to time pero hnd na din matagal. But kung ako lang talaga, I still want to continue breastfeeding them if gusto pa nila. I will still do so on to my next child.

  22. Thanks mommy for the tips! Will surely do those tips pagkapanganak ko, my toddler now only breastfed 2 months :(

  23. Good tips and hurray for 19 months of breastfeeding. Keep it up mommy!


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