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Parents today are just so lucky because we all have workshops, and talks here and there. We could ask an expert regarding our little one’s food for example. But unfortunately not all parents could attend such event. Maybe they’re too far from where it’s held and the like. I, myself wanted to attend an event before but it was too far from where I live so that didn’t happen. Or maybe if you’re in your third trimester already, of course it would be too hard to travel. Plus, you would be shedding some money for it of course. Travel expense, workshop fee, though there are also workshop events for free.

When I was pregnant with Maco, I was so clueless. If only I could attend all the workshops I knew then, I would! And then I chanced upon a website that have a forum on it so I made an account and there I would ask questions, answer the other parents and all. Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to continue it as much as I hoped for because the website’s hard to configure on phones and on tablets. And I use my phone most of the time! And mostly, I would forget my password. I think the epidural still kicks in!

Now, I found this app called ParentTown on Google Playstore. And I got excited to use it! Oh my, being a mom and have an app built for you! Well, not just for moms of course, but to all parents out there. I personally think this app is a must for us, the parents!

Now let me share with you on how to install it on your phone/tablet.

H O W   T O    I N S T A L L    T H E    A P P

Go to Google Playstore if you’re using an Android phone/tablet or the App Store if you’re using an iPhone or iPad.
Search ParentTown on your gadget, and tap install.

It was easy as 1, 2 , 3. You could log-in using your Google account or your Facebook account. If you don’t have both, what’s up with you!? Lol kidding!
You will be asked if you’re Expecting a Baby or not.
And then, if you have a baby already.
After that, you will be asked to click on the Topics you’re interested in. I personally chose most of it because why not!
As you can see, I chose all of those under the ‘Toddler’ topic because well, isn’t that too obvious.

H O W   T O   U S E   T H E   A P P
Now that you’ve installed the app and have an account already,
let me share with you on how to use the app.

On the Home tab you will see the topics you’re interested in. You could scroll through it, and even ask your own question.
On the Photobooth tab you will see the photos the other parents uploaded. And of course, you can upload your own photos on it.
On the Topics tab  you will see the topics you chose that you’re interested in. You could follow and unfollow it there.
On the TV tab you will see upcoming sessions with the experts. There would be Q&A, wherein an expert would answer our questions. But in case you missed the session, don’t worry as it is recorded and you will be able to watch it again! Yay right?!
If you have a question that you think have been asked before already, you could just tap the search button on the upper right, and you could type in what you want to search for.

I’ve been using the app for days now and I’m loving it! I actually answered some questions already and even asked a question myself. It did help me! Not sure how and why but having the other parents answer me made me at ease. Plus, it’s so easy to use! If you have facebook or instagram, you would definitely know how to use this.

It’s such a great app for parents like myself. It’s so fun to talk with other moms and dads in the app! You could just scroll and scroll, and you would be surprised with all the things you’re learning from the other moms and dads, and of course from the experts in the app! It’s like you attended a workshop but in your pambahay and in the comfort of your own home.

Parents out there, I strongly suggest you try this app out! And if you did, I know you would love it! But hey, don’t forget about your little ones, you might get too excited with the app like I did!  Hehe ;)

You could download the app here:
Google Play for Android
App Store for iOS

You can also log in to directly through Facebook or Gmail!

You can also visit & like their page at


  1. Tried the app. Can't believe this is what I was looking for. I'm not really interested to keep chatting or shop things. I was looking for answers to my problems and worries, and couldn't believe I've got such good answers. what I liked most is they've experts la. they charge so much, but here they answer for free

    1. Right? The app is really helpful for us, parents! Really love it ;)

  2. Interesting! I'll give this a try. :) Sounds like what every parent needs.

  3. When my son was still a baby and toddler, I did not attend workshops or talks too but I always read books and check parenting forums to guide me. Nice to know na may app na ngayon. :)

  4. what a helpful app. every mom should have this app on their gadget :)

  5. How I wish that we have this app na before when my Little kulit is still a baby. It's very helpful

  6. This is cool! Living in this modern world, technology is making life easier if properly used. This app is a must have for every family that has busy schedule. I'll give it a try later.

  7. Ok, will check it out. Looks helpful for parents talaga.

  8. This app sounds interesting especially for newbie moms like me (with soooo.. many parenting questions) I will check this out later.

  9. This is great! Other parents' experiences are far better reviews. Newbie moms will surely benefit from this app.

  10. This application sounds so cool for the parents. Will give it a try!

  11. I joined ParentTown as well. I find it real helpful and para lang nasa bahay nagkukwentuhan. You could ask anything and surely other moms would give their two cents worth. What is nice is there are experts also giving light to important issues. I find myself enjoying this app and even recommending to co parents.

  12. Joine Parenttown too! Really enjoyed joining the questions. Nwei, what happened to your template?

  13. Oh wow! thanks for sharing this. DL'ing this app as in now na!

  14. Wish we had something like this when we had our kids! I had so many questions about newborns. Haha!

  15. Where was this app when I was pregnant and then had a newborn? Just kidding I didn't have a smartphone back then lol. I'll download this one!

  16. It's amazing how they are able to make apps like these to help moms. It does takes a village to raise a child as they say. Downloaded the app and joining now. :)

  17. Interesting! Will definitely download this as I love apps that can broaden my knowledge on parenting!

  18. I will download this app and check it out. It looks like a great app nga. I'm just not sure about uploading my kids' photos? But then again, I post their photos in my blog and my social media haha, so what's the diff nga ba? Thanks for sharing!

  19. I will dl the app later! I am hoping to learn more from this app! :)

  20. I've heard a lot about this app! Parents are so lucky these days because of these parenting tools.

  21. Thank you for sharing this. It is like a one stop parent app. Itis nice to know we can have one app where we can access answers to pur questions. Will try to use this too.

  22. Very helpful esp for first time mom like me. Will try this app mommy. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Joining the community as well, I love the fact that all parents could exchange ideas and you can gain friends as well.

  24. Looks interesting, I'll check it out!

  25. That's a great app! New mommies are really lucky to have these info ready at anytime.

  26. This app sounds interesting. I'll try installing it later. Thanks!

  27. Parents these days are really lucky to have apps like this handy. This is particularly perfect for newbie mums and dads!


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