Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Oops sorry for the very hi-res photo quality! Lol
Last July 30th was my husband and I's 2nd wedding anniversary. A week before that, my cousin-in-law asked me about it, I honestly didn't remember as I'm not really a fan of celebrating anniversaries and even monthsary (I actually had a hard time spelling that one since it gets underlined in red! There's no such word, I assume). So yeah, I was a bad wife. Lol kidding!

Husband asked me days before if which one would I want more, in Makati or in Ortigas. I was like, "Makati syempre, mas malapit". And right then and there I thought this guy was up to something! And yes, I was right. Hahaha! And then he asked me, 2 nights or 1?! HAHAHA! Can't you be more obvious, hun?! Haha! And so I asked him if what was he really planning? He still doesn't want to give in!!!

But then he gave in because I told him I have work already in Monday. And I was relieved. Yes, the Mr. is planning on an overnight or 2 nights stay in a hotel. I said I didn't want it because gastos na naman. I told him nicely that we just go to Kidzoona in Uptown Mall and eat out. I know that anniversaries only happens once a year (well, duh) but I don't think it's very practical for us right now. Maybe if we planned it thoroughly, then that would be fine.

It was just a simple celebration. But I really appreciate that the husband planned about it though I interfered. Hehe. And he kept asking me if that was what I really wanted -to play in Kidzoona for our anniversary. Haha! But it was, I really wanted to try Kidzoona. And then we later on ate at Peperoni Pizzeria - I love this restaurant! Will definitely post about them real soon! ;)

It was an awesome night with my little awesome family. And that's just what I wanted. :)
Thanks hun for planning for our anniversary even if I know it isn't really your forte. Haha! For trying to surprise me even if I really know you're up to something! Hahaha! Even if you think it was a fail anniverysary celebration -it wasn't, okay! I had fun dahil pinicture-picture mo kami ni Maco sa daan! Hahaha ;p

Every staircase ng building na yun, want magpa-picture ni Maco! Ohmy
Even if ang panget ko dito, okay lang because Maco!!!!
Our little sunshine
My faves
We're a little cray family
Thank you for the awesome day, hun! It was just what I wanted, no need to worry. Hehe! I love you two very very much. Thank you for being you. Kahit na madalas ay nagkakapikunan tayo, we both know that it's still us in the end. Diba?! Or baka ako lang?! Hahaha! Love you!! 


  1. Happy Anniversary! Kame din we don't really celebrate anniversaries. Yung pang 3rd yr nga nmin, nakalimutan namin pareho then next yr ko na naalala! Grabe! Tapos binati nya ko bago mag 4th yr ng 4 months ahead, kasi daw baka makalimutan namen ulet! Ha Ha Ha

    1. Hahaha! Natawa ko dun sa nextyr na naalala yung 3rd yr anniversary! Haha! Sakin naman naalala ko months ahead pero kapag malapit na nawawala na sa isip ko hahahaha

  2. big girl na si maco oh! Happy anniversary Joshua and Coi! May you have more years to celebrate! Mwuah!

    1. Yup big girl na! Pero wala parin buhok huhuhu hindi ko parin tuloy magamit yung clip na nakuha natin nung MBP Christmas party! Hehehe Thank you! ;)


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