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Movies for Kids

Maybe what came into your mind on what movies to show your kid are mostly Disney movies, am I right? Well yeah, I too am a fan of Disney movies! Who isn't anyway? My personal favorite is The Lion King, I remember having a copy of this in VHS. Lol I feel so old saying that. But there are other movies that are not from Disney that are also great for our little ones! I know that we know these movies, but we didn't know that these movies aren't actually from Disney. Here you go!

1. M A T I L D A

This movie would teach your little ones to love books. And to stand up for what's right and not be afraid of it, and be a strong person. I just love this movie even though Miss Trunchbull really scared the shake out of me! Click here for the movie info.

2. H O R T O N   H E A R S   A   W H O

I remember watching this movie with my younger sister. I loved it! It shows you to believe in yourself even if there are only a few people who does, or even if there's none, because else will…

Our Breastfeeding Journey

When I was still pregnant with my little girl, I told myself that I will breastfeed her until 6 months at least. But now, we're 19 months already and still going strong! :)

Actually when I gave birth to her, I didn't have much milk. That's why the resident doctor at the hospital I gave birth at told me to give her formula milk in which I totally do not agree with because I wanted to breastfeed her. But then, the doctor said my little girl would be dehydrated so we bought a little can of milk. I tell you we didn't bring a bottle because I thought my milk would be ready by then. It was so frustrating! Good thing the hospital have this little bottle with a dropper. That's what we used to feed her. The lactation department were also so supportive of the mothers' breastfeeding journey. How we used the dropper was I drop the formula to my nipple and that's how my little munchkin was able to drink it when she's latching. That's how the woman from the lact…

Next Generation Delivery Services : Etobee

If you're a mompreneur like myself, or most likely if you have an online shop you most probably know how courier goes. 

A short sidenote: When I was in college, my friends and I tried to have an online shop of accessories but that didn't work outwell because we weren't that much knowledgeable of how courier goes. We only know one, and it costs freakin' high. So our only mode of giving our 'clients' their accessories was by meeting up with them. And all of us were really busy with our school, so that didn't work out as we hoped for.

Good thing today, we have lots, and one of them is...

W H A T   I S   E T O B E E ? Etobee is a new delivery service in South East Asia. Through Etobee, customers can pick up and deliver their package wherever and whenever. With Etobee, all delivery activities will be easy, simple and secure.

W H Y   U S E   E T O B E E ?
Etobee is a marketplace for logistic companies where you can choose a courier based on your needs. We focus on last…