Monday, June 27, 2016

What age should we teach our Kids doing Chores?

I can't exactly remember at what age I learned on putting my toys away and such but, I can surely remember at the age of 7 or 8, there was a night I was the one who washed our dishes, including the casseroles and all. It was not fun I tell you. I was too short to even reach the faucet, good thing my father was guiding me while I was doing the chore.

BTW, it was my 'stepmother' who told me to wash the dishes because as what she'd said, I was growing up pulling a Jon Snow, meaning I know nothing. Haha! But I am sincerely thankful to her because without her I would not be this strong, independent woman, and I wouldn't be part of the top students in our class! Becauseee she wouldn't stop teaching me Math until I know it! I would be crying already at around 10 in the evening and her heart is so cold like winter. And if it's exam week, my little me couldn't go out of the house. I would be locked up in the bedroom reading my books and reviewing my lessons -well, not really locked up, but I can't go out. Even if my exams are on Monday, my Saturday is for learning. She's that strict. Mala-stepmother lang ng Cinderella. Lol

Now that I have my own child. I don't want to do the same obviously. But I want her to learn on doing things on her own at a young age. I want her to cook for me at the age of 2. Kidding! But if she can do it, why not! Lol

But seriously, I've seen kids today that can't even pick up something from the floor without telling them a billion times. And can't even asked to pass something without being annoyed. They must have been spoiled a little bit too much.

So, for my little girl, thankfully she's able to pick up things from the floor without telling her a billion times but maybe twice. Hehe! And she can put on her own slippers the right way -which I am so proud of! Hihi! And she can somehow put away her toys with a little help from me of course. She'll just do what I do like put her toys in her toy bin, but most likely than not, it would not be arranged properly so I usually just do it again but I'm happy that she knows how to do it. I guess it's a start, right? :)

Oh, I saw this photo on facebook. I don't really know who it's from as I've saved it a long time ago.

I know some on the list are a bit too much for the said age but I think mostly are age appropriate. 

Or maybe we could not follow the list.

What I'm just trying to say is that I think our children should be aware of these minor chores so that they'll learn how to be responsible in some way. I believe it will be beneficial to them in the future. Because I tell you, I've seen a lot of kids today that are too spoiled or just too lazy that they would even ask all the people around to do things for them it irks me to death. Maybe because I for one is not like that. I don't depend on people. I can say I'm independent in most ways. If I could do something on my own, I'd probably do it. And I just hope my little girl would be the same like her Momma -to not be too dependent on people.

 But still, it's all up to us, their parents, on how our child/dren would grow up, right? ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: Bubble Man Dish Washing Liquid

I don't really like washing the dishes because it makes my hands dry. And I don't really like the feeling of dry hands.

So when I got these Bubble Man Dish Washing Liquid in the mail, I was like alright I'll give dish washing a try again as it claims that it's gentle on hands. And it is also biodegradable. So it does not contain harmful chemicals that most dish washing liquids have.

We actually buy a different dish washing liquid for my little girl's utensils because yes, I'm that kind of mom. And since this one doesn't have harmful chemicals, I think it's okay to use it for my little one's utensils as well. So, instead of buying a different one for my little girl's utensils, we could just buy this one, for all of the plates na! Nakatipid na!

When I used it for a couple of times, I was honestly thinking that it would dry my hands. But it surprisingly did not! And also, I have doubts that it would not take the grease off the plates with just one wash. Because I've tried a lot of dish washing liquids, and most of the brands I've used, I have to wash the dishes at least twice just to get rid off the grease. But with this one, it surprisingly took off the grease with just one wash. I kid you not. And now, I'm sold!

It has 3 variants, btw.

And if you're wondering how much Bubble Man Dish Washing Liquid costs, it's a lot cheaper than the leading brands in the market right now.

270 ml      P 32.50
880 ml     P 65.00

Promo pack of 2's
270 ml     P 55.00
  880 ml     P 120.00

Super sulit 'di ba?!

In case you're wondering where these awesome dish washing liquids were made?!

Proudly Pinoy made!

You may reach them at

Monday, June 20, 2016

Now that I'm 27

So, yes, I just turned 27 a couple of days ago and I must say, I don't feel any older! Hahaha! Well, duh it was just a couple of days ago! Haha

I usually have this birthday blues or whatever-you-call-it whenever my birthday comes. I don't want the whole attention to me, very unlikely when I was a child -wherein I want the whole attention when it is my special day. Today, I feel like why do I need to have all of these wonderful people's attention when I'm just turning a year older. I know, that's kind of a negative vibe or something, but I just got used to it when I hit the adolescent age. Or maybe just when I lived with my biological family wherein they don't give much fuss about it. But they give me cake, so that was fine.

Anyway, now I'm trying to be Little Miss Sunshine as much as possible even with all of the attention I'm getting that makes me feel awkward (lol) since it's my special day. BTW, in my husband's family, birthdays are really special. So far from what I used to. Lol!

I am just so thankful for all the people in my life right now. As I've always been. And if I haven't said it enough. Well, yes I haven't said it enough. Thank you for being with me through thick and thin. Literally and figuratively. Now here comes my little speech for y'all...

My dear friends who didn't leave me even from my sh*ttiest days. When I was lost and all. Especially those who genuinely remembers my birthday even without the help of facebook! Hahaha!

My side of the family who's been with me since I was a little girl. I will and always love them. I may not be with them everytime but I do hope they know how much I love them. We may not be bonded by blood, but in heart we are. I know how much I suck in communication, but please do remember I'm just here.

My husband's family who's so good to me since the day I met them. It was awesome. For the support and love to our little awesome family. I know I'm not a good person, and I know I've got these mood swings and all that sht, but thank you for understanding. Hehe!

My little awesome family. The loves of my life. My life. Mama will and always love you two. I'm not the perfect mother or wife there is, but I'm trying my hardest to be the best for the two of you. I love you both very much.

Cut the drama -

Now that I'm 27, and I'm sooooooooooo near to 30. I guess it's time to light my life up. I'll try my best as what I've been trying since IDK when, on being positive in every way possible. Because gurl, I don't want wrinkles by 30! No! Well, I think I need to start on aging creams already. Hahaha!

Also, I think I have to learn on saying 'no'. I don't think it will do harm on anyone naman eh. Because I get tired also, and I've got my own family already, my priorities and whatnots. And I think that it's just fair to say 'no' sometimes. I mean, I think some people got so used to me on doing them favors that it irks me because the favor it's too simple they can basically do it on their own, but they chose not to, because they know someone would do it for them. I mean, what's up with that.

And also, fashion-wise. I think I need to update my wardrobe and wear something that are age appropriate for me. Hehehe! Because some people think that I'm just 19. I know it's a compliment and I should be thankful, but sometimes I get tired from these people's judg-y looks on me whenever I'm carrying my little girl. If I could just wear a shirt that says 'I'm of age already to have a baby', I definitely would. Hirap maging baby fez, gurl! Hahaha!

And from now on, I'll be more responsible when it comes to money. Must repeatedly ask myself if I really need it then I should buy it. If not, I guess it'll pass. Though I'm not saying I'll neglect myself from some luho but I'll just be more wise with money from now on. Because in few years time my little one will be going to school already and we all know how expensive schools are now.

So I think that's it. This is a really long post, thank you for keeping up with it! Cheers!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Toddler Having Tantrums in Public

Of course, of all the places our little ones want to whine about life, it would be outside. Lol!
We've all experienced this one, didn't we? ;)

Anyway, I just want to share with you what I personally do whenever my little one have tantrums in public. Well, I don't really go out without my husband but when I do I always tell Maco to listen to Mama and I pray that she'll not pull her bratty self when we're out. Hehe!

 S T A Y   C A L M 
Of course this is given already. We should always be calm whenever our little one is being frustrated. It may sound easy, but no, it's not. Especially when my little one is already shouting and crying. It wasn't easy to stay calm at all! But I just take a deep breath and exhale. I think that helps! 

 D O   N O T   G I V E   I N 
This also is quite hard to do because you just want your little one to stop whining, but the little one doesn't want to, so mostly we think that we'll just give what our little one wants because we know it'll stop them from crying. But, we're not aware that we're just helping our little one to be bratty more. So, if we could help it, I think it's best to not give in. Because if we gave in, then I'm pretty sure it'll just happen again and our little ones would think that she can get everything she wants if she cried. And again, be calm.

 T A L K   T O   Y O U R   L I T T L E   O N E 
After all the tantrums, it is best to talk to our little one on why we didn't give in on what they wanted. It is best to explain why so that they'll know. It may look like they do not understand, but I believe they do. Side note: Whenever my little one did something wrong, I make her stay in the corner and tell her do not move, and she doesn't. So I guess toddlers as young as 18 months or even younger can understand us already.

 D O   N O T   M I N D   O T H E R   P E O P L E 
Yes of course when the little one is screaming and crying outside, people would be looking. And when the first time this happened to me, well, I was embarrassed, especially when it was just me and Maco. Because I don't want other people to be staring at us! Lol. I feel like they're thinking I'm hurting my little girl. So when this happened to me again, I thought to myself, why the hell would I care about them when my little girl is having her issues (lol). And so what I usually do is hug my little one or if she's trying to lay down on the floor, I kneel and try to be calm as much as possible and tell her she doesn't have to cry and explain to her why she can't have this or that. It was hard because my little one doesn't listen. Hehehe!

So, these are my tips on how to handle our toddlers in public when they're having tantrums. Anyway, these are just from my personal experience. And if you have your ways on how you handle your little one in public when they're having tantrums, please share it with me on the comments! Thank you!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Food Review: Tonkatsuya, Poblacion Makati City

When the sister-in-law came home a couple of weeks ago, of course, there's got to be a lot of eating out. Lol! 

This time, we tried this restaurant in Poblacion in Makati. It was hard to find, it was actually hidden if I may say. We got there around 12 in the afternoon already, and I was surprised as it looks like we're the first customers, even the staff looks surprised because we're too many and it doesn't look like they're used to it. They looked overwhelmed actually. I think because as I've said, the place was really hidden, you've got to go inside a building first to get into the restaurant, and the building's pretty small.

When we sat down, they gave us their menu and served us their tea. Apparently it was not a hot tea as what most Japanese restaurants serve, but a cold one. It doesn't taste like the commercial iced tea, I think it tastes like an authentic one but it would have been better if it's a hot tea. But it's just me, so.

BTW, they don't have high chairs. This disappointed me. I mean, you wouldn't expect families with babies/toddlers to eat in the restaurant? It's just me being a mom. Lol. Our solution was to stick 3 chairs together and make Maco sit between the husband and I. It was hard. The little one was so kulit, that she wanted to roam around the restaurant. Well, fine by me as it was only us eating there.

These are what we ordered:

Tonkatsu Set | P 235.00
 I ordered the Tonkatsu Set and I liked it. The serving was big, I think it would be good for 2. It has cabbage with Japanese mayo and rice, and the pork was tender.

Ebi Tempura Set | P 295.00 
I wasn't able to taste this set but as what they've said, it was also good. Btw, the sets include rice, miso soup, and the bean sprouts thingy lol. I personally didn't like the bean sprouts :(

Ebi (Prawn) Fry | P 255.00
The husband ordered this. I was actually confused what's the difference between this one and the photo before this (Ebi Tempura Set), because the two were both shrimps. IDK. I love eating Japanese food, but I'm not really good with their food, y'know what I mean? Hehehe! Anyway, maybe because of it's breading? IDRK. Anyway, this one was also good. It's quite similar to Tempura but not really. The breading with this one is similar to Tonkatsu's.

Katsudon | P 255.00
I wasn't able to taste this one unfortunately. But when I asked how the dish was, my SIL said it was good. Sorry I can't elaborate with this dish.

So, as you've seen the orders were pretty big and you could probably share an order. So with the price, I think it's fine. And surprisingly, the food were great.

Honestly, the food were great, it's just the place was too hard to find. And as you can see, it's not really appealing, you wouldn't even think that a dish would cost P200 each, because it doesn't look like it, and the trays, come on. Maybe if they revamp the place, the price of the dishes would be fine. And maybe they could add a high chair or two, too.

Tonkatsuya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato