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What age should we teach our Kids doing Chores?

I can't exactly remember at what age I learned on putting my toys away and such but, I can surely remember at the age of 7 or 8, there was a night I was the one who washed our dishes, including the casseroles and all. It was not fun I tell you. I was too short to even reach the faucet, good thing my father was guiding me while I was doing the chore.

BTW, it was my 'stepmother' who told me to wash the dishes because as what she'd said, I was growing up pulling a Jon Snow, meaning I know nothing. Haha! But I am sincerely thankful to her because without her I would not be this strong, independent woman, and I wouldn't be part of the top students in our class! Becauseee she wouldn't stop teaching me Math until I know it! I would be crying already at around 10 in the evening and her heart is so cold like winter. And if it's exam week, my little me couldn't go out of the house. I would be locked up in the bedroom reading my books and reviewing my lessons -we…

Review: Bubble Man Dish Washing Liquid

I don't really like washing the dishes because it makes my hands dry. And I don't really like the feeling of dry hands.

So when I got these Bubble Man Dish Washing Liquid in the mail, I was like alright I'll give dish washing a try again as it claims that it's gentle on hands. And it is also biodegradable. So it does not contain harmful chemicals that most dish washing liquids have.

We actually buy a different dish washing liquid for my little girl's utensils because yes, I'm that kind of mom. And since this one doesn't have harmful chemicals, I think it's okay to use it for my little one's utensils as well. So, instead of buying a different one for my little girl's utensils, we could just buy this one, for all of the plates na! Nakatipid na!

When I used it for a couple of times, I was honestly thinking that it would dry my hands. But it surprisingly did not! And also, I have doubts that it would not take the grease off the plates with just one …

Now that I'm 27

So, yes, I just turned 27 a couple of days ago and I must say, I don't feel any older! Hahaha! Well, duh it was just a couple of days ago! Haha

I usually have this birthday blues or whatever-you-call-it whenever my birthday comes. I don't want the whole attention to me, very unlikely when I was a child -wherein I want the whole attention when it is my special day. Today, I feel like why do I need to have all of these wonderful people's attention when I'm just turning a year older. I know, that's kind of a negative vibe or something, but I just got used to it when I hit the adolescent age. Or maybe just when I lived with my biological family wherein they don't give much fuss about it. But they give me cake, so that was fine.

Anyway, now I'm trying to be Little Miss Sunshine as much as possible even with all of the attention I'm getting that makes me feel awkward (lol) since it's my special day. BTW, in my husband's family, birthdays are really sp…

Toddler Having Tantrums in Public

Of course, of all the places our little ones want to whine about life, it would be outside. Lol!
We've all experienced this one, didn't we? ;)

Anyway, I just want to share with you what I personally do whenever my little one have tantrums in public. Well, I don't really go out without my husband but when I do I always tell Maco to listen to Mama and I pray that she'll not pull her bratty self when we're out. Hehe!

 S T A Y   C A L M  Of course this is given already. We should always be calm whenever our little one is being frustrated. It may sound easy, but no, it's not. Especially when my little one is already shouting and crying. It wasn't easy to stay calm at all! But I just take a deep breath and exhale. I think that helps! 
 D O   N O T   G I V E   I N  This also is quite hard to do because you just want your little one to stop whining, but the little one doesn't want to, so mostly we think that we'll just give what our little one wants because we…

Food Review: Tonkatsuya, Poblacion Makati City

When the sister-in-law came home a couple of weeks ago, of course, there's got to be a lot of eating out. Lol! 

This time, we tried this restaurant in Poblacion in Makati. It was hard to find, it was actually hidden if I may say. We got there around 12 in the afternoon already, and I was surprised as it looks like we're the first customers, even the staff looks surprised because we're too many and it doesn't look like they're used to it. They looked overwhelmed actually. I think because as I've said, the place was really hidden, you've got to go inside a building first to get into the restaurant, and the building's pretty small.

When we sat down, they gave us their menu and served us their tea. Apparently it was not a hot tea as what most Japanese restaurants serve, but a cold one. It doesn't taste like the commercial iced tea, I think it tastes like an authentic one but it would have been better if it's a hot tea. But it's just me, so.