My First #Blogapalooza2016 Experience

I was surprised and excited when I saw somewhere (can't remember if it was from facebook or twitter) that Blogapalooza will be having well, Blogapalooza at the first quarter of the year. And so I told Jen about it and told her to sign up already if she hasn't yet. It was usually done at the end quarter of the year, hence I was not able to attend last year because it was my husband's birthday at the time. 

Now that it was at the first quarter, I thought there would be no hindrance since it's summer and no one in the family will be having a birthday on the 21st of May and yes, I could go! I hurriedly told my husband about it and he said "Ikaw bahala" as what he usually says. *insert straight face emoji here

Fast forward to May 21. 
I'm going to Blogapalooza!

It was held at Prosperity Hall, Elements at Centris in Quezon Ave. so it would not be much of a hassle for me because it would just be a 2 ride for me -jeepney or tricycle from our place to the MRT station, and from Guadalupe station to Quezon Ave. It was a breeze -the weather was just not.

What welcomed the bloggers! :D
Registration Booth before entering the event
I also got a bag with chips and candies inside :)
Mommy Ginger of giving a talk
I came there around 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning. Was supposed to meet up with Jen but she came a bit late. Lol! (Jen, a bit late lang ah hahahaha ;p) Good thing though, as I was messaging Jen, she told me Nheng was already there, and so tried to find her! Hahaha! And yey, I found her and it was my first time to meet Eve. I tagged along with them.

Nheng of playing at the Cocio booth.
Was supposed to play also but pinanghinaan ako ng loob because it looked so damn hard to make all those cans fall w the use of the balloon!
Won a flash drive from Blue Water Ace Spa for transferring more peanuts from one jar to the other using chopsticks!
Got to practice myself from all the makis I've eaten! Lol
Eve of getting her scalp checked at the Regroe booth.
Too bad I was not able to try this because my data was effed up and so is the wifi at the site! Huhu
 Because yes, almost all the booths require everyone to follow/like them on social media on-the-spot! 

Arla booth. I've tried this cheese spread before and I liked it!
Good thing I was able to bring home a bottle for us at home ;)

I went to World Vision Phils booth because of those images of children that took my attention -and good thing they did!
Know more about World Vision Phils on this post.
I think this booth have the friendliest staff aside from World Vision.
They're really friendly and accommodating! And I got to take home 100pesos Mcdonald's GC from playing on their booth.
So glad they have this booth! Vita Coco served everyone these thirst quenchers! 
Here is the booth wherein you can get 100pcs free business cards if you sign up! Woot!
I also joined the 2-minute puzzle making challenge. And yes of course I won! Hihi
The space was quite small so we were able to finish going to every booth around 12 in the afternoon. I told my MIL that I will be home by 12 and so as I was in line at Cocio booth, I told Nheng and Eve that I must go already because it's almost 1pm and I thought my little one might be wanting some milk from her mama. Hehe!

It was a fun experience all in all. It was my first time at a Blogapalooza event and I could say it did not disappoint. I just hope there were more booths. Hihi! And a wi-fi connection because unfortunately not all of us have data internet.

I'm excited for the next Blogapalooza!!! ;)


  1. Good thing may picture ako jan sa Goldstack! Kasi wala kong nakuhang pic sa booth nila! Ha Ha Ha

  2. Grabe si Jen a bit late daw! hahaha

  3. Wow! Extra pala ako dito. Nice meeting you Coi!


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