Mother's Day 2016

"Being a Mother
is learning about the
you didn't know you had,
and dealing with
you didn't know existed"

That is true. When I became a mother, never have I thought I was that strong -to surpass delivering my little girl. To being able to do multiple chores with a minimal amount of time. To wake up when I hear my little one cry (I was a heavy sleeper). And also, when I became a mother, I became paranoid for almost everything. The first night we went home from the hospital after I gave birth, I didn't sleep at all. I was so paranoid that what if my little one would suddenly turn over and couldn't breathe. I know I thought the worst thing possible to happen, but I just couldn't help it! Good thing though, I somehow surpassed being paranoid, though I think I still am, but not as much as I did before! Hehe

It was so nice that we get to celebrate a day for the mothers! Thanks, hallmark! Lol! But really, for everything that they've done for us. Just for giving birth -ugh I think men will never understand how hard it was. I think that there should be mother's day every month! Hello, Hallmark, can you hear me? Hehe!

This year's Mother's day though, we didn't do anything special. We didn't eat out. I didn't receive any gift. Nothing. But it was fine. Though there's a tiny pinch in my heart because it was just one day that we get to celebrate me as a mother, but nothing special happened. But, what can I do? The husband's not that type.

But still, I get to celebrate it on my own. I was thankful for my little awesome family that I have. My little girl who's soooo kulit, but also sweet when it was needed. Haha! And my husband who's not that sweet but is really patient with me. Hehe! I am truly #blessed to have these two people in my life! ;)

Oh yeah, we went out that day. We bought my mother-in-law a cake at Mary Grace. Oh and yes, the husband asked if I'd like to eat there, but I said no because it was jam-packed. I was also thinking of my little one's coming check-up. I didn't want to overspend because we're not yet done with the bills and Maco's check-up that time.

Now that I got to think about it, maybe we could celebrate Mother's Day by the end of the month, when we're done with the bills and all. Hihi! Hun, hope you're reading this! Lol


  1. happy Mother's Day Coi. Iba na talaga ang mothers, nauuna na ang pagbayad ng bills bago ang sarili. Same as mine. We went on a wedding that day lang. Nothing fancy. I love it that way =)

    1. Happy mother's day too, Jen! Yup, mga necessities muna bago ang luho hehehe :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Buti ka pa may cake! HE HE HE

    1. ay kay MIL pala ung cake. Ako pinagbake ako ni hubby ng lasagna, atleast sweet sya in his own little way.

    2. Happy mother's day too, Nheng! Wow! Sarap naman ng lasagna! Nag-crave ako biglaaaa. Hehe! Ay, naalala ko, nilutuan nya pala ko ng tonkatsu the night before ng mother's day lol, di ko alam kung dahil ba mother's day or trip lang nya mag-luto hahahaha! Feeling ko trip nya lang yun hahahaha


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