Mommy Money Tips

If you've been reading on some of my posts, one of my problems is budgeting our money. It has been hard for me ever since, and when we had our little girl, it was twice as hard.

We're still learning on how to balance our money and I'm confident enough to say that we're pretty much there. We're able to save from my husband's last paycheck. Yey! FYI, my husband is the only one working this time, and it's kind of hard; though I already started working part-time, but I'm earning so little.

It is so timely that reached out to me regarding these Mommy Money Tips, and these are really helpful! I know these are tips for the kids obviously but these are helpful to us moms as well! All of us could learn a lot from this cute infographic!

Thanks for this cute infographic,!
Let's all save up for our future ;)


  1. I am also learning how to budget our money and hopefully maging successful. at the moment I know kung magkano ang money that we could free up since inaanticipate ko na ang gastos. =)


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