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Who are World Vision Philippines?

I've heard of World Vision, yes, but sadly I don't know much about them. Good thing I saw their booth at Blogapalooza last May 21. I'm so glad I did! 

W H O   A R E   W O R L D   V I S I O N
World Vision is a Christian, relief, development, and advocacy organization that is dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.
Motivated by their Christian faith, World Vision wants to empower every child to build a better future for their families, their communities, and their countries.

W H E R E   D O   W O R L D   V I S I O N   S E R V E
World Vision serves the most vulnerable regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. World Vision assists over 100,000 children through 40 area development programs in 30 provinces and 30 cities throughout the Philippines.
W O R L D   V I S I O N ' S   C O M M I T M E N T   T O   C H I L D R E N
World Vision works to contribute in deepening the impact on child well-being through its programs b…

My First #Blogapalooza2016 Experience

I was surprised and excited when I saw somewhere (can't remember if it was from facebook or twitter) that Blogapalooza will be having well, Blogapalooza at the first quarter of the year. And so I told Jen about it and told her to sign up already if she hasn't yet. It was usually done at the end quarter of the year, hence I was not able to attend last year because it was my husband's birthday at the time. 

Now that it was at the first quarter, I thought there would be no hindrance since it's summer and no one in the family will be having a birthday on the 21st of May and yes, I could go! I hurriedly told my husband about it and he said "Ikaw bahala" as what he usually says. *insert straight face emoji here

Fast forward to May 21.  I'm going to Blogapalooza!
It was held at Prosperity Hall, Elements at Centris in Quezon Ave. so it would not be much of a hassle for me because it would just be a 2 ride for me -jeepney or tricycle from our place to the MRT stat…

Alone & Sick with a Toddler

Alone and sick with my little one is probably one of the worse things that ever happened to me.

Can't really remember when but I think it was this year that I got terribly sick also. Good thing though it was a weekend so my husband was able to take care of my daughter and me. I also got sick last year but it was also a weekend and my sister-in-law was still here so she was able to take care of my little girl, while the husband was taking care of me, and I think he was doing some chore as well back then. I even told myself I was so lucky because I always get sick on weekends.

But then, this time -it was a Monday, and there's just the two of us. My little girl and I. Even when I wanted to rest, I can't, because we'll be both hungry and I just can't stand a messy house. We're staying at my SIL's place right now btw, and their floor aren't the best. The paint was coming off and the dust is just endless. I could sweep the floor in the morning, afternoon, and…

5 Ways to Bond With Your Kids Before Summer Ends

Summer is about to close as the month of June drums nearer. We have had our little ones at home for almost two months, but have we really made most of our time with them? With the many things that we need to do at home and in the workplace, we often sacrifice time spent with our children. Now is the best opportunity to start creating wonderful memories that they can look back to once the school starts. Whether you want to make up for the days you were too busy or simply cap off the summer on a good note, there’s still activities available for you and your kids to enjoy. Break free from the usual trips to the mall and try these five activities instead.
1. W A T C H   A   T H E A T E R   S H O W In a world of video streaming and smartphones, it is rare to see children not glued to their gadgets. Introduce them to other forms of entertainment like live theater. Just make sure that you choose a show that is child-friendly. Look for youthful and energetic productions that also teach golden v…

Food Review : Luk Yuen, Cash & Carry Makati

My sister-in-law who's working overseas came home a couple of weeks ago and we ate at Luk Yuen. I remember my husband and I with my mother-in-law already ate here years ago but I wasn't able to record it as I didn't know much about food reviews back then. Haha! Anyway, now let me share with you my thoughts about this restaurant.

It looked more pleasant now than it did before, honestly. It looks more clean and easy to the eyes. I remember it has a bit darker interiors back then. Not that dark though, but today's interiors of this restaurant is way better than before. I guess that is why a lot of people are dining here already.

Mommy Money Tips

If you've been reading on some of my posts, one of my problems is budgeting our money. It has been hard for me ever since, and when we had our little girl, it was twice as hard.

We're still learning on how to balance our money and I'm confident enough to say that we're pretty much there. We're able to save from my husband's last paycheck. Yey! FYI, my husband is the only one working this time, and it's kind of hard; though I already started working part-time, but I'm earning so little.

It is so timely that MoneyMax.phreached out to me regarding these Mommy Money Tips, and these are really helpful! I know these are tips for the kids obviously but these are helpful to us moms as well! All of us could learn a lot from this cute infographic!

Thanks for this cute infographic,! Let's all save up for our future ;)

Mother's Day 2016

"Being a Mother is learning about the strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed"
That is true. When I became a mother, never have I thought I was that strong -to surpass delivering my little girl. To being able to do multiple chores with a minimal amount of time. To wake up when I hear my little one cry (I was a heavy sleeper). And also, when I became a mother, I became paranoid for almost everything. The first night we went home from the hospital after I gave birth, I didn't sleep at all. I was so paranoid that what if my little one would suddenly turn over and couldn't breathe. I know I thought the worst thing possible to happen, but I just couldn't help it! Good thing though, I somehow surpassed being paranoid, though I think I still am, but not as much as I did before! Hehe

It was so nice that we get to celebrate a day for the mothers! Thanks, hallmark! Lol! But really, for everything that they've done for us. Jus…

“Musika sa Isla” : 3rd Annual Marinduque International Classical Music Festival


BOAC, MARINDUQUE—Symphonies are due to wake the sleepy town of Boac, Marinduque as the city holds its third “Musika sa Isla,” the country’s only classical music festival, on May 18, 19, and 21. Premier musicians from Asia are gracing the three-day event.
“Musika sa Isla” gathers a diverse roster of musical talents, ranging from pianists to seasoned singers. This year, Franz Chen of Indonesia and Tomoyo Kobayashi from Japan are playing the piano. Japan’s Kazuki Yamamoto is the festival’s lone violinist, while Ivan Jenzer is representing the Philippines on the cello. Filipino soprano singer Arlene Escultero and baritone singer Joseleo Logdat are joining as well.
The festival will take place in the capital’s storied attractions. On May 18, the International Concert starts at 6 p.m. at the St. Raphael Parish. On May 19, the Grand Gala starts at 6 p.…

Bringing MUNI to NUVALI on May 21

Hey there Moms, Dads, friends from the South!

W H A T   T O   E X P E C T   F R O M   T H E O N E - A N D - O N L Y   M U N I   M A R K E T    F O R   2 0 1 6
When we first started the MUNI Market, our goal was to keep growing the community, and continue bringing our message of mindful living to more people around the metro, the country, and the world. And so, this coming May 21, we're conducting a happy experiment with the first ever MUNI Market in Nuvali!
We are bringing our existing community of conscious, purpose-driven merchants and supporters to a new and vibrant location in the south of the metro, while also discovering and welcoming new folks from the south into our community as well.

Now on its 5th run, the only MUNI Market in 2016 will be popping up at Solenad 3 in Nuvali with our merry band of mindful merchants selling healthy, local and eco-friendly products from food, home to fashion items, some educational workshops and demos, and some musician friends setting the vibe fo…

Happy Mother's Day to Us!

Happy, happy Mother's Day to us, Mothers! 
Let us all enjoy this day with our family.

I want to thank everyone who have greeted me a Happy Mother's Day today, and those who've understood me in my crazy times, and just those who understands me in everything. Haha!
And for my husband who's been patient. Hahaha!
And of course, to my little one, who's been a gift from God to us, and for giving us joy eversince. :)

Cheers, Mommas!

My Toddler Calling Me by my Nickname

Maco, my little one, actually calls me 'Mama'. But one time, I'm not sure where she heard it from,  she started calling me 'Cui' -my nickname. Well, my nickname's really Coi but my little one can't speak clearly yet, so.

At first I thought it was just one time, so I let it pass. But just this morning and last night, she poked me and said "Cui, blah blah blah" (she was telling me something). And so I repeatedly told her that my name is 'Mama', and not 'Cui', that she must call me Mama. But she just kept on silent whenever I say it. After a couple of Mama's from my mouth, she would then say 'Mama'. She did that last night, after a hundred of Mama's from me, she called me Mama, but when she poked me, she said 'Cui' again. I'm worried of course. I don't want my daughter to call me by my nickname.

I remembered when the first time she called me 'Cui' was when someone talked to me, and she repeated …