Keep Your Little One Cool this Summer

It's been really hot here in the Philippines, and now that it's summer already, I think the heat tripled! No exaggeration at all!
Summer is here! <3
*look at Maco's look though. HAHAHA!
Just like yesterday, April 12th, the heat index went up to 50+ degrees C (sorry IDK how to do the degree sign) if I'm not mistaken! It's the hottest since the 40+ degrees C in 2014! And apparently those who are more prone to heat stroke are kids under 5 years of age, and our senior citizens! Oh no!

And with the heat, my problem is my little girl, and the kids/babies in general. It's hard for them esp. to the parents to see their kids so irritated by the heat or worse being sick, plus let's be real, it would be costly! And no one likes that! So I would like to share with you some tips~ on how to help your little one with today's heat. These may work for my little one, and may not work for your little one, though I really hope they do!

S U M M E R   T I P S   F O R   Y O U R   L I T T L E   O N E

T A N K   T O P
Of course, preskong sando is a must! As much as possible, do not layer at any means. Not unless you're in an airconditioned room or if you're in a cold place that is - which I think is impossible if you're living here in the Philippines! Sobrang init everywhere, I swear!

Powder your little one. I know some moms would say 'nahhh' and be moving their heads left and right too hard, because as we all know, it's not really advisable - BUT just those powders with Talc. So, if you're going to powder your little one, make sure it's Talc-free! And DON'T put a lot, please. We're not trying to bake our little ones! Heehee! Or if you're still a no-no for it, then you don't have to. ;)

OR just make sure - if you're baby's a tabachingching  - that your little one's neck gets some air.

N A P P Y   C R E A M
Nappy cream. Or Diaper Rash Cream. Or in our case, we use Drapolene cream. I put it on my little one just to prevent diaper rash. With today's heat, you never really know when your little one would have rashes when their singit-singit perspires.

P U T   T H E M   H A I R    U P !
If your little one has long hair, make sure to tie them up all the time! Well, this one is kind of a personal thing, but isn't it too icky when your nape is covered with your hair and sweat?! Ugh, just no. And your little one might get irritable by it!

If you're going to a swim, put sunblock on to your little one, and yourself, and to everyone else! And don't go to the pool between 11am-3pm! The sun at those times are just unbearable, we don't want to burn our skin - but having a tan is nice. Heehee ;) Get your tan before 11am and after 3pm!

Water. Of course! This is a must, even if it's not summer. Give your little one and yourself lots and lots of water today! We don't want to be dehydrated, do we?

C O L D    R E F R E S H M E N T Z Z Z
Ice cream, halo-halo, fruit shakes - anything cold you could drink or eat for refreshment! ;)

Or better yet, if you don't want the hassle of being out and about. Let your family stay indoors and enjoy watching some good ol' Children movies like Matilda, turn the A/C on, and still, have some ice cream!

Now, enjoy your summer! ;)


  1. I agree! super init nga. BAby Charley sleeps with the aircon and fan on at the same time.Buti na lang she loves to drink water. We dont use powder, but we make sure she has towels sa likod. :) Thanks for sharing, Mommy. :)

    1. Oh yes! I forgot to add that but yes, dapat lagyan ng lampin or towel sa likod ng ating babies. Thank you! ;)

  2. Nice tips, Mommy! Unfortunately, for my son who has allergic rhinitis, I can't apply powder on his back. I just make sure he's always drinking water to keep hydrated and yes, taking a bath is a must!

  3. Thank you for your tips! Just wanted to add for the time to swim Bunny's derma shared that baby's and toddlers skins are extra sensitive that is why it is best to swim between 7 to 9 am and 4pm onwards only. Bunny sweats easily sa ulo when it is hot kaya most of the time we turn the ac on and we tie her hair up. Aside from that I make her drink lots and lots of water too!

  4. Super init, even naka aircon my little kulit develop some rusher his skin is sensitive din kasi. kaya I always make it sure na mag lotion and some powder.

  5. I agree I think this is the hottest summer I've ever experienced in Metro Manila. Lagi kami naka aircon. I dread to see our electric bill for the month. XD

  6. Cute ni Maco!! miss you na! Buti na lnag, may unlimited aircon si Jami sa bahay ng lola nya and they have a swimming pool din sa condo so mejo nakakapag swim kami whenever we like it. :)


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