Where to find affordable Books?

Even before I gave birth to Maco, I've been buying books for her already! I got a little too excited on the thought of reading her bedtime stories, I think.

I knew BookSale even before, I've been buying from them since I was in high school, I just don't know why I totally forgot about it when I was trying to find on where I could buy affordable children's books for Maco. I guess because I don't see BookSale as often as I do before anymore. *no BookSale near our area

I tried to find books online, there were some great finds, yes. But I still think it's a little out of the budget. Haha! I'm so kuripot, I know. Well, I guess I'm just being practical because I'm also going to give birth that time! Hence I was trying to find the most affordable ones, and I'm not just pertaining to books. But of course, we cannot pass up the quality! Quality is a must.

Other than BookSale, there's another bookstore that sells affordable books, it's Chapters & Pages, it's also like BookSale though the prices are a bit higher--like 10pesos or so higher. HAHAHA! But, there books were more presentable than those of in BookSale in my opinion. Not that I'm saying that the books at BookSale were not presentable or not good or sira-sira na, no, it's just some books they have at BookSale has drawings already, but it's totally fine with me because you could still read it and mostly because I got it for less than P50.00! Hehe!

Maco's books
Maco and her books
It's from Pages & Chapters I got the Dr.Seuss books for only P125.00! Yes, half the original price!

I love bookstores like those mentioned, like an ukay-ukay for books! You could buy books half the original price, it may be a second hand book, but still, you could use it! They're still decent, and actually, most books looks pretty new!

If you want to read the books you've been wanting to read since high school, I guess you would probably find it in bookstores I've mentioned. Plus, it's price would be lower! Tyagaan lang sa paghahanap!

'Let's Make a Noise' book from BookSale for only P45.00

Happy book hunting! ;)


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