Keep Calm and Play with Your Toddler

When Maco turned 1 year old, I was so happy as I can't wait to have a mother-daughter bond with her. Like this on the photo below...

True! Photo from Facebook
But wait, I think I totally forgot about the toddler phase.

The toddler phase meaning the super hyper stage. Yes, my little girl's like that! She would try to go up the stairs, up the sofa's armrest, would always go out, and even spank our dog, Max, and everything else you could imagine! They would often say that good thing she's a girl because if I had a son, it would be twice of Maco's energy or kakulitan. Uhh-okay. Well, as what I always say, she's just a curious little girl that would want to explore anything and everything!

There was a day I was so exhausted I put it out on my husband. And he was clueless as to why I was mad at him. But, of course I explained it to him afterwards. There was even a time I cried because I was so frustrated with my little girl. Some work and chores has to be done but I can't even start with it because she cries, and would even get all the things I'm using so I wouldn't start. Yes, I'm a stay-at-home mom, but I "work", I have an online clothing business for little girls, and some other little works, though this one is something I'm just starting with so I can't really tell much about it. And I'm also not yet 100% sure about it, so... Anyway... I also blog every now and then.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I know that my 1 year old wants me to play with her. But I also need to do my work and some chores.

Good thing, I always remember something I've read from somewhere that all of it can wait, but my child. And so, that's what I do. And as what the Chuckie commercial says, 'minsan lang sila maging bata, sabayan mo na', that TVC made me cry buckets! Oo nga naman 'di ba?!

Whenever I'm on this laptop doing some work and my little girl tries to sit on my lap, I pause, I play with her even for just a couple of minutes. I think on that simple way I make my little girl happy and feels that she has all of my attention.

Not all the time I'm like that though, I'm no perfect mother and I get frustrated also (and yes, all the time haha) as I wanted to finish my work early so I could relax and play with her right after. But of course, she doesn't understand that, and so she always, always bug me whenever I'm in front of the laptop. I guess the little girl wants all of her Mama's attention, and so as much as I can, that's what I do. I only get to do the things I'm supposed to do for the day when she's asleep. Or if she's busy with her toys. Or if she's busy pulling out all of her baby wipes. Haha

I'm not telling other mothers out there to do the same because I'm pretty sure you do much more work than I do, but all I'm saying is, if your child wants your attention I guess it means that he/she feels that you're not giving him/her enough. So I think a couple of hours of playtime would not hurt, and to really listen to his/her stories, listening to their stories means a lot to them. It meant a lot to me when I was younger, and I guess to you, too, so.

I'm just saying. :)


  1. Ang dami naman toys ni Maco ha! hehehe., Ako dahil working Mom ako, I always allot time na makakapag play kami ni Jami. Whenever I am speaking with someone else or nagku kwento ako sa mga friends ko, tapos kinakausap nya ako, humihinto ako just to tell him na naacknowledge ko ang sinasabi nya. Pero minsan mahirap din ha. hahahah! sa sobrang busy ko ngayon, every weekends nlng kami nagka catch up

    1. Mukha lang marami sa pic! Haha! Puro puzzle na nakapatong, pero ayoko na madagdagan pa, ang kalat! Hahahaha!

      Yes mahirap din talaga lalo na pag madami dapat gawin or kapag pagod na, pero isipin na lang natin na minsan lang sila maging ganyan, mabilis sila lumaki,kaya okay lang yan! Hehe :)


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