I'm a Maarte Mom

Everywhere I go I always, always, always make sure I bring our trusty alcohol with us! Not just now that I have a baby, but even before I have Maco, and even before I was pregnant! I just can't take the thought of germs living in my hands, and eating without sanitizing my hands first. You might say, don't restaurants/fastfood have sink so you could wash your hands there? Yes, they do. But wait, how many people have touched that door handle before you could open the restroom so you could go out? And are you 100% sure that that liquid soap inside that dispenser is clean? And speaking of that liquid soap dispenser, it's filthy. So yeah, I'm a freak in that way. And yes, I'm maarte like that. Even when I just go to the nearby palengke, I bring a small bottle! Hahaha!

Sometimes, I feel like I'm offending other people because I spray too much hand sanitizer on my hands. I really am sorry to the people that felt I offended them, seriously I'm trying to offend you. It's just that... Do I need to explain again? Anyway...
One time, when I forgot where I put my little bottle of alcohol and we were in a hurry, I brought the big one with me! I don't care if other people laugh at me because I have a big ass bottle of alcohol with me, at least my hands are sanitized! Hehehe

Oh, I'm not really a fan of hand sanitizers because it feels sticky on the hands and I don't like it that way. But if the hand sanitizer's like that of Human Nature which is a spray type, then it's fine with me. Arte~

My trusty germ killerzzz
So when Maco reached the age of her touching everything, I told myself I must get her her own hand sanitizer! I can't let her use alcohol because she puts her hands inside her mouth and it's alcohol, so it's not really safe. Is it? So I got her this all natural hand sanitizer from Human Nature!

With this hand sanitizer, I'm sure Maco will be fine even if she put her hands inside her mouth after I spray a couple on her hands (well, not right away!), since it's all natural and no harmful chemicals! I love, love, love organic products! I think it's best for our little ones!

Speaking of organic products... Let me also share this Toy and Surface Cleaner from Messy Baby (from Messy Bessy), I first used this one when Maco wanted to play with her toys already, but I won't let her because, yes, germs. Lol! I know sometimes I get pretty OA na about this, but I just can't help it!

We can't not have a bottle of this Toy and Surface Cleaner because I always use it when I clean our room at night before going to bed and right after the mess she makes! Yes, I spray it all over our room! HAHAHA! And even on her bicycle before she rides it on a weekend! I spray it all over her bicycle! I so love this product! Heehee!

Am I being OA? Other moms out there who's the same with my kaartehan? Heehee :)

Disclaimer: Products mentioned are in no way sponsored!


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