Food Review: Wild West Roadhouse Grill in BGC

My sister-in-law had a take out from Wild West Roadhouse one time, and husband and I loved the nachos which I seriously thought was a nachos flavored pizza. Lol!

I love nachos and pizza, so I thought it was such a perfect combination! Unfortunately though it was not a nachos flavored pizza, so let's move on.

I look so much of a mother. Lol! But yes, hello, I'm a mom, so kebs! HAHAHA! BTW, we were with my SIL here, she just went to the restroom at the time
We've dined in there for a couple of times already, and I must say the staff was really accommodating and are really nice to children! They give children twisted balloons! Love it! Not all restaurants does that these days so as a mother, of course I'm really touched by that sweet gesture. ;) And oh, they also give you peanuts to snack on while you wait for your food.

I'm so sorry I forgot what's this called and it's price :(
Speaking of food, I think it's good (well that rhymes!) , as what I've said, my favorite is their nachos. I like that the cheeses are melted on every nacho chip! The downside though is that you only have less than 15 nacho chips! But the good thing is, their nacho chips are big! But still, I think it's not enough for me! And yes, I love that they have real jalapeno on each chip! The dips were nothing special though. They were just the typical dips you would encounter at a Tex-Mex resto.

Wild West Quesadillas | P300+

I also got to taste their Chicken Quesadillas, man was it big! I was able to eat one slice only and I was full! Well, of course with the help of nachos and my lemon juice. I love that hindi tinipid yung chicken huh! Chunks of chicken talaga. It has the same dips with the nachos.

Those burger and fries are from the kids' menu, it was nothing special. Their burgers for 'adults' were good though (not in picture)
I also love the Crispy Pork Bacon! Hmmm-mmm... Super crunchy! IDK how they did that to their bacon, but I want to know! Haha! And I never thought dipping bacon in vinegar would be soooo good! Unfortunately I don't have a photo of it. Huhuhu :(

If ever you're going to dine in Wild West Roadhouse Grill, I strongly recommend the Crispy Pork Bacon and the nachos in picture! Super yummy! ;9

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