Food Review: Kuya J Restaurant in Waltermart, Makati

It was not I was expecting it was, actually. Honestly, I was expecting a fast food vibe! Heehee! The reason I was expecting it would be something of a fast food restaurant was because of it's commercial. Hehehe

The place was pretty packed when we got there, so my expectations were high.

We only ordered 2 dishes that time, their Crispy Pata and Kare-kare, I was hoping for a really good bagoong to go with their kare-kare.

I'm not sure if we're just really hungry that time that it tested my patience but our order took almost an hour. Yes, almost an hour. I think the Kuya J Restaurant branch at Waltermart has short number of crew. I mean their servers were just 2 or 3, and the people dining in that place were a lot, though they have a pretty small place, but still. People were even lining up outside the resto at the time!

So when our orders came, they were in batch. Lol! I think the first that came on our table was the kare-kare and rice. Speaking of rice, I don't know what's up with their rice because of that pepper something on top of it! What's happening?! Lol

Kare-kare | P399.00
I was expecting for a big order of this dish (in photo above) but unfortunately, it's not. I think it's just good for 2. It's placed on a huge bowl though, but don't be fooled when I said huge bowl, the bowl's kind of shallow. And it doesn't have a lot of greens as you can see, and I only eat the greens on kare-kare. :( I don't eat the meat, sorry. But, just on kare-kare, ok! I eat meat! Just not on kare-kare. Hehe!

And oh, the bagoong that came with kare-kare wasn't that good. :(

A few minutes later, the Crispy Pata came!

Crispy Pata | Reg P490.00 ; Fam P695.00
Sorry for the blurry photo. Crispy Pata doesn't really look that appetizing as much as I tried to make it look like one! But it's good, the meat's really tender I must say! And the dip that came with it was fine. If I were to rate their Crispy Pata, I'd say 5 out of 10.

The kids ordered shakes. I say don't. It tastes artificial. I'm not really sure if it was just powdered juice, but I'm sure it doesn't taste natural watermelon. Ugh! Idk with the mango shake though, I didn't taste it.

I gotta say though, I love their interior and the utensils they have! And they have great lighting, too! Props to that! 

Maco's drink!
I'm so sorry for this shot, it looks like I was taking a photo of the A/C unit hahaha! 
They only have 2 high chairs. :( So we tried to wait for the high chair to be done with the other customer/s but unfortunately they didn't finish until we're done. So yes, I tried feeding Maco while she was trying to reach the walls on my back. :-/ Can't the restaurants here in the Philippines have at least 5 high chairs??? Oh well.

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  1. Aww.. so sad! I want to eat there too.. Although I want to give it a try next time., malay naman natin in that branch lang hehehe =) ang weird nung rice ha? hahahahaha dami kong tawa

    1. Na-disappoint ako, lalong-lalo na sa bagoong. :( And yung crispy pata. Hay. Anyway, siguro nung time lang na yun and sa branch lang na yun, baka sa ibang branch hindi naman. :) And yes, medyo weird yung rice, para lang maiba siguro haha


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