TriSoPure Review + Giveaway!

So I posted this on my instagram about a week ago...

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And yes, it's going to happen now! Yey!


But first, let me share with you what I thought of the TriSoPure Baby Wash. It's formulation for me is just right, not thick and not too liquidy. It is fragrance-free, mild, soap-free and hypoallergenic based on it's packaging, so I think it would be best for newborns or for little ones who have sensitive skin.

With that said, I was actually hesitant at first to use it on Maco since it doesn't have even a little bit amount of scent to it. And Maco's much more active these days, so you could expect a lot of perspiration and her being maasim at the end of the day. Haha!

We've been using TriSoPure Baby Wash to Maco for a week already and so far, so good. I am surprised that she didn't get maasim after her play. I was actually convinced that yes, I'm going to bathe her again because she'll be maasim after play since the baby wash doesn't have scent. BUT surprisingly, she's not! Seriously, I was really shocked because I was expecting her to be maasim because of all those perspiration. But no. Wow! Yes, it doesn't have scent but it wouldn't leave your child with maasim smell at the end of the day. Though do not expect a cologne-like smell to your little one right after you bathe her, she's just not mabaho which I think is a good thing!

Well, you could try it to your little ones and join my giveaway!

Macoki and her TriSoPure goodie bag!


Hi expectant moms and moms out there! Are you trying to find a baby wash for your little one's sensitive skin? Why not join my giveaway!

5 MOMS/DADS will be able to try TriSoPure Baby Wash on their little ones! Yey!

Here's what you will get:

a TriSoPure Bag
60ml bottle of TriSoPure Baby Wash
TriSoPure Swaddle

And here's how you could join!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway period:
February 24, 2016 -  March 2, 2016

Will post the winner on March 4, 2016, Friday. Details on how to claim the TriSoPure Goodie Bag will be posted by then.


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