My Not-so-Little Munchkin

I know I'm being exaggerated about this, but I'm a mother. I think that's enough explanation already. Heehee

So one morning when Maco and I woke up, and I put on her pyjamas (I put on her pyjamas every morning to avoid mosquito bites even when I put on her insect repellent, yes, I'm that kind of mom lol), I noticed this...

OMG! I can't! I just can't! I mean, whhhaaaaaattttttt! I still remember how this exact pyjamas were too long for my little munchkin! I mean, hello, she just turned a year old and it's this short already?! I mean come on now! HUHUHU! :'(

I am not ready for my little munchkin to be big munchkin just yet! Not yet, just not yet. Oh geez, now I'm already thinking her first day of school, her 7th birthday, and then her 18th birthday! Nooooo! I can still remember when I gave birth to our baby girl. How she cried, how sweet-looking she was, how I was so worried because she haven't peed for almost 10 hrs, how she was just sleeping all day, and how we tried to capture her smiles. Oh my, now I'm tearing up! :'(

It was a good surprise to us; to Joshua and I mostly, when we found out we're having a baby, we were excited, we were afraid, but more than everything, we were happy. Because we'll be having our own baby, our own little bundle of joy, our own little doll, our own everything, our own reason for striving hard, and for going on with everything everyday. It was truly a blessing to us when Maco arrived, I guess to everyone in the family, and to every parent who had their baby/ies! :)

As I was writing this, my little girl just said "Mama" and handed me her little cup that has her ball inside to open it, such a cutie. Awww she now know what she wants and what she doesn't. Because we can already tell what her favorite ulam is! It's Sinigang, just like her Mama! Heehee! She eats a lot whenever it's our ulam. Heehee! Sometimes, I just can't help but to hug her whenever I think how fast she's growing. I think she might be thinking, "Mama, what's with you? What's with that drama" Hahaha! Sigh, being a mom made me soooo emotional than I already am. Oh well :)

Anyway, now that I come to think of it, like really think of it, I guess I am ready, I must be ready for our little munchkin to be big munchkin, because it is what it's supposed to be. And I sure can't wait to hear her stories, I'm definitely sure she has a lot of it, because as early as now, she pretty much tell us stories every now and then, even though we can't understand a single word she says. Heehee

Now, I think I need to ask myself again... Am I ready? Maybe? Yes. Well, what can I really do? As much as I wanted to let her be a baby for long, I can't really make that happen, can I? I will surely miss times like this, but I sure can't wait to have a mother-daughter date with her, and hear her stories. I just hope we'll still have this bond like we do right now as she grows old.

Well, no matter what, she'll always be our baby, just like what Mareng Mariah Carey said. Lol


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