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It's just the first month of 2016 and I received a very tragic news from my family telling me our grandmother left us already. It was so sudden. (Well, technically she's not my grandmother, she's my Tita, but it's complicated so let's just say she's our Mommy Lola).

I can't believe when I received the text message. Did I read it right? But we just saw her a couple of months back. She was smiling and she even hugged our Macoki! Unfortunately though, Maco was not in the mood that time so she cried when Mommy Lola hugged her, and I guess Maco seeing her for the first time added up. But at least, she was able to see Maco before she left us.

When I visit her funeral I can't look at her coffin. I can't. I just can't. I was afraid honestly. I thought may tampo siya sa akin because I haven't seen her for too long. I was able to peek from a far though, but I did not go right in front of her.

That night of our visit, I dreamt of her. She was waving at me and smiling. When I woke up, I was relieved. At least I could say hindi siya nagtatampo sa akin and she's at peace. When we visited again to her burial day, I was able to stand right in front of her and look at her at ease face.

Let me share this photo us back in the day! Hehe
I remember when we were younger, we would always play in her bedroom, and I would always play with her abubots on her dresser; her accessories, make-up, and all. It was also in her things where I first saw that thing you put on your shirt when it's long, that shirt clip thing! I forgot what it's called, but nauso din ulit iyon nung mga early 2000s. Hehe! And she loooves to play cards! I think it was from her I first saw how to play solitaire, so I told Papa to teach me that game! Heehee. Sometimes you just can't help and miss the old times and wish to bring it back. But, we've got to move on. Because how can we live our life if don't move on, right?

It was also in that tragic time I was able to see old familiar faces whom I sure do remember but forgot their names! Hehe!

We will miss you, Mommy Lola. You will never be forgotten.


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