Celebrating with Singapore Airlines + Photo Dump

Last February 18th, Joshua, myself, and Maco were able to attend the 50 Years Celebration of Singapore Airlines here in the Philippines. I know, buong pamilya dibaaaa Lol

It was so traffic that time (well, what do we really expect), hence we arrived on the event late! The call time was 6 in the evening and we arrived at 7:30 in the evening. I know. 

Anyway when we arrived, most of the people were in their coats and stilettos, while Joshua and I were in our jeans. Obviously we didn't get the wear your business outfit notice. Heehee! For more details of the said event, kindly see my previous post here.

Now let me share with you the photos we took:

The new Premium Economy Class seats

Their uniforms. And it's okay to try on!

Me being a stage mom to Maco. Lol kidding! Just putting on the hat for a photo op

Nasira jeans ko. Lol


That awkward moment when IDK where to put my hands. Lol!
That awkward moment when IDK where to put my hands. Lol!

The event was jam packed! This was when it ended already

Nice perspective! Captured by the husband

It was so nice to be part of the event! Makes me want to fly with Singapore Airlines. Heehee! Hopefully soon! Heehee

Anyway, after the event, we ate at Pizza Warehouse at Glorietta (They did serve food at the event, I tried a couple dishes and it was delish! Joshua didn't have any since Maco was sleeping during the event and it would be so hard to eat while standing). We didn't get full with our 2 slices (lol), besides the ladies on the other table were so loud as in na parang nasa carinderia kami kumakain. It's okay to talk, but I guess being too loud in a public place is not okay. So since we're not that satisfied with our pizzas, we decided to eat at "Mercato", though I'm not sure if that's what they also call it in the food market outside of Glorietta. We had that overpriced fried shrimps dipped in vinegar, a mango shake, and dry lasagna. Lol! BUT some food stalls there have really delicious food, like the Takoyaki that I forgot the name of the food stall, the one with buffalo wings, burgers, etc. Well, if they have the same with Mercato in BGC. I guess they do, I just didn't like the fried shrimps I ate there, seems like 'pangat' pangatlong init na. Lol! 

Well, there you go! It was a spontaneous day for Joshua and myself! It was spontaneous because we don't usually do such on a weekday since he has work the next day, so staying out late was kind of spontaneous for us. Lol! And by late, I meant 10 in the evening. Yes, we're getting old. Hahaha


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