BDJ Rendezvous 2016 Experience

It was so timely that when I opened my email I received one from Blogger Babes inviting the first 3 to reply to have a VIP pass for the BDJ Rendezvous happening the 20th of February. Of course I wanted to join one because I've been wanting to since I was in college aka the days I actually owned a BDJ planner (because I do not own one now huhuhu), so I replied as soon as I got the email. Luckily, I was one of the 3 Blogger Babes who replied real fast! Yey! I was excited!

It was said on the email that since we have VIP passes we're able to have guaranteed seats and a special goodie bag from BDJ, and this made me more excited! Yes! They also told me that I could bring a friend with me to the BDJ Rendezvous and so I did ask Tine my cousin-in-law who's also a blogger to join me.

February 20th came and we're excited as fun! Lol! But traffic... We took a bus and not an MRT because we don't like to be in line for too long. So yeah, we got there around 12:50-ish and I approached the lady in the registration area, I asked her we're from Clozette Bloggers and she checked our names and just said "okay just get in", and I was like, okay... Lol! I was just wondering why she was giving the other girls in line a pen, a piece of paper, and a survey sheet, but I didn't bother much because I was thinking maybe we don't have to because we're supposed to have VIP passes as what the email said. But no, we don't have VIP passes, and we don't have guaranteed seats. We're just lucky we found 2 available seats at the back. Yes, at the back. But it was fine with us, we can still see the host since we're just occupying a small area in Gateway Mall.

Lia Cruz
It was hosted by Lia Cruz, a sportscaster, endorser, magazine columnist, and a TV host at TV5. She also looks a little like Nadine Lustre. Well, for me that is. Heehee

Omehra Sigahne

was the talk given by Omehra Sigahne (aka Inday Perla, Perla Daly, Bagong Filipina and NewFilipina) is a writer, publisher, life coach of I loved her talk, and her voice (it was so calming), and I've a learned a lot from her. What I love among all the great things she said were these:

Dream, Create, Take Action 
To lead, you have to take the leap

and of course,

Get away from negative people
Haha! One Bella asked on what should she do if there's a negative person/people in her life, should she just cut them off their life? And Omehra said yes, and that that negative person/people should know how he/she's doing to other people. OR if they're telling negative things, you could just change the topic or whatever just to escape the negative things that someone is telling you about. Negative people drains your energy. In which I totally agree. 

Rica Yulo

was given by Patricia Yulo though she prefers to be called Rica of Rica's a travel blogger, writer of her book The Journey of a 3rd World Traveler, and the first Filipina documented to travel without bringin a single bag. Yes ladies and gentlemen, she did travel without a single bag! That was when she traveled to Singapore, all she had on was a shirt, and a gun jacket (if that's what you call it) wherein she put on her necessities.

I enjoyed her talk! I think most of us did! She shared to us what traveling did to her.

Travel makes you stronger.
Traveling opens your mind.
Traveling changes you.

I think I want to travel alone now! I used to "travel" alone when I was in college though I only go to places that are just 2-3hrs away from the city which is Tagaytay. If I'm not feeling okay at that time I would go there to think, I would just sit in a coffee shop for 2-4hrs. Yes, 2-4hrs. And sometimes, I also walk and look around. It was really nice. But if you're having a problem financially and you want to travel, Rica gave us the best tip to save money, and that is...
Cut down your expenses
No, she's not telling not to buy food, not to pay our bills and run away from our responsibilities. She's telling us to not spend on unnecessary things which are our luhos. ;)

Lianne Laroya

was given by Lianne Laroya, is a registered nurse but pursues her career as a Financial Advisor. She is also a best-selling author of her self-published book entitled OMG! Where Did Your Sweldo Go?. She's just 24 years old and she knows how to handle money like a boss. 

Mall goers even stopped to listen to what she was talking about. I definitely learned a lot from her, from budgeting to investing your money. 

And yes, she also blogs

Cecilia Schrijver

was given by Cecila Schrijver, a half-Dutch, half-Filipina life coach and NIA teacher. She's part of many other organizations that I forgot to jot down because of reasons. Heehee! Well, she talked about on how to balance life basically. Is it by design or by default?

This is my favorite that I heard from her...

"Become an expert of your own life"

I totally agree.

Bellas joined the games!
There were also games and raffles in between the talks, unfortunately though we didn't win because our names weren't included. :( IDK why but it's fine. I was hoping to win the Sharpie goodie bag pa naman. Heehee! 

Forgo to take photo of the food, so here we are munchin on our food LOL
We also had merienda from Goldilocks, Tine and I loved that one dish we forgot the name of, it was the first time I tasted it from Goldilocks actually. I believe they do not have that in their regular menu, well IDRK. Hehe

It was a really nice talk from all the amazing speakers, and all of us there learned a lot from them! And that is why I am so thankful to and BDJ for giving us this afternoon of inspiration.

So when it ended, we were told to get our survey sheet and surrender it on the registration booth to get the loot bag, Lia also said something but Tine and I weren't able to understand what it was since she said it too fast. Anyway regarding the survery sheet, we don't have such. And wait, the email said that we have a special goodie bag from BDJ, right? And so I asked the BDJ staff, I said that Clozette sent us, but it seems like they don't know what I was talking about and I was also confused, because WHAT THE HELL. And so they gave us a survey sheet and there was only one loot bag left, and the girl in gray told us, "buti na lang meron pa sobra, pang-80 lang kasi talaga eh". Wow! Sorry Ms. kung binigyan mo pa kami ng loot bag. I was just really disappointed, not because of the loot bag, no. I was disappointed because we were expecting of some VIP chuva in which obviously didn't happen. No guaranteed seats, etc... The other BDJ staff was nice though, just that one lady was just so... Ugh. I know it must be pretty exhausting with what they were doing but come on, you need to be nice sometimes even if it's against your will girl. HAHAHA! Anyway, we got one loot bag consists of...

What's inside the BDJ loot bag
Still, it was a fun experience because of the amazing speakers! :) I sincerely enjoyed the talks and learned a lot as what I've been saying. Heehee

Thank you again for the invite! :)


  1. Well Mama Coi,

    Your write-up is waaay nicer than I expected!

    I was tempted to use the words, "terrible", "dreadful" in my own post but that would just make me so ungrateful and bitchy din! lol. Oh wait, I did use terrible to describe the traffic! hehe... But Like you, I also enjoyed the "talk" and can now overlook the other things that disappointed us so.

    Thanks again for letting me tag along.

    K.a Ibanez

    1. Wag na ka na mag-expect tin, masasaktan ka lang. Tignan mo nasaktan lang tayo sa event lololol

  2. I am following Lianne's blog for quite sometime now. I've never been to any BDJ event kasi malayo sa kin. Meron din akong mga nabasa before na hindi maganda ung experience nila but the talks are really interesting.

    1. IDK what's up with them that time, it was my first time to attend tapos ganun nangyari. :( Yes, enjoy talaga yung talks! Hihi


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