Thursday, February 25, 2016

Celebrating with Singapore Airlines + Photo Dump

Last February 18th, Joshua, myself, and Maco were able to attend the 50 Years Celebration of Singapore Airlines here in the Philippines. I know, buong pamilya dibaaaa Lol

It was so traffic that time (well, what do we really expect), hence we arrived on the event late! The call time was 6 in the evening and we arrived at 7:30 in the evening. I know. 

Anyway when we arrived, most of the people were in their coats and stilettos, while Joshua and I were in our jeans. Obviously we didn't get the wear your business outfit notice. Heehee! For more details of the said event, kindly see my previous post here.

Now let me share with you the photos we took:

BDJ Rendezvous 2016 Experience

It was so timely that when I opened my email I received one from Blogger Babes inviting the first 3 to reply to have a VIP pass for the BDJ Rendezvous happening the 20th of February. Of course I wanted to join one because I've been wanting to since I was in college aka the days I actually owned a BDJ planner (because I do not own one now huhuhu), so I replied as soon as I got the email. Luckily, I was one of the 3 Blogger Babes who replied real fast! Yey! I was excited!

It was said on the email that since we have VIP passes we're able to have guaranteed seats and a special goodie bag from BDJ, and this made me more excited! Yes! They also told me that I could bring a friend with me to the BDJ Rendezvous and so I did ask Tine my cousin-in-law who's also a blogger to join me.

February 20th came and we're excited as fun! Lol! But traffic... We took a bus and not an MRT because we don't like to be in line for too long. So yeah, we got there around 12:50-ish and I approached the lady in the registration area, I asked her we're from Clozette Bloggers and she checked our names and just said "okay just get in", and I was like, okay... Lol! I was just wondering why she was giving the other girls in line a pen, a piece of paper, and a survey sheet, but I didn't bother much because I was thinking maybe we don't have to because we're supposed to have VIP passes as what the email said. But no, we don't have VIP passes, and we don't have guaranteed seats. We're just lucky we found 2 available seats at the back. Yes, at the back. But it was fine with us, we can still see the host since we're just occupying a small area in Gateway Mall.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TriSoPure Review + Giveaway!

So I posted this on my instagram about a week ago...

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And yes, it's going to happen now! Yey!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Singapore Airlines Launches 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Event

Reaffirms Commitment to the Philippine Market 
with new Products and Services, and Expanded Network

18 February 2016, Makati City, Philippines Singapore Airlines (SIA) kicked off year-long celebrations for its 50th anniversary in the Philippines with the much-anticipated Showcase and Travel Fair 2016. The all-new Premium Economy Class cabin product, together with an introduction of the global network expansion with new destinations, were unveiled at the Glorietta Activity Center.

SIA Girl

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Not-so-Little Munchkin

I know I'm being exaggerated about this, but I'm a mother. I think that's enough explanation already. Heehee

So one morning when Maco and I woke up, and I put on her pyjamas (I put on her pyjamas every morning to avoid mosquito bites even when I put on her insect repellent, yes, I'm that kind of mom lol), I noticed this...

OMG! I can't! I just can't! I mean, whhhaaaaaattttttt! I still remember how this exact pyjamas were too long for my little munchkin! I mean, hello, she just turned a year old and it's this short already?! I mean come on now! HUHUHU! :'(

I am not ready for my little munchkin to be big munchkin just yet! Not yet, just not yet. Oh geez, now I'm already thinking her first day of school, her 7th birthday, and then her 18th birthday! Nooooo! I can still remember when I gave birth to our baby girl. How she cried, how sweet-looking she was, how I was so worried because she haven't peed for almost 10 hrs, how she was just sleeping all day, and how we tried to capture her smiles. Oh my, now I'm tearing up! :'(

It was a good surprise to us; to Joshua and I mostly, when we found out we're having a baby, we were excited, we were afraid, but more than everything, we were happy. Because we'll be having our own baby, our own little bundle of joy, our own little doll, our own everything, our own reason for striving hard, and for going on with everything everyday. It was truly a blessing to us when Maco arrived, I guess to everyone in the family, and to every parent who had their baby/ies! :)

As I was writing this, my little girl just said "Mama" and handed me her little cup that has her ball inside to open it, such a cutie. Awww she now know what she wants and what she doesn't. Because we can already tell what her favorite ulam is! It's Sinigang, just like her Mama! Heehee! She eats a lot whenever it's our ulam. Heehee! Sometimes, I just can't help but to hug her whenever I think how fast she's growing. I think she might be thinking, "Mama, what's with you? What's with that drama" Hahaha! Sigh, being a mom made me soooo emotional than I already am. Oh well :)

Anyway, now that I come to think of it, like really think of it, I guess I am ready, I must be ready for our little munchkin to be big munchkin, because it is what it's supposed to be. And I sure can't wait to hear her stories, I'm definitely sure she has a lot of it, because as early as now, she pretty much tell us stories every now and then, even though we can't understand a single word she says. Heehee

Now, I think I need to ask myself again... Am I ready? Maybe? Yes. Well, what can I really do? As much as I wanted to let her be a baby for long, I can't really make that happen, can I? I will surely miss times like this, but I sure can't wait to have a mother-daughter date with her, and hear her stories. I just hope we'll still have this bond like we do right now as she grows old.

Well, no matter what, she'll always be our baby, just like what Mareng Mariah Carey said. Lol

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Taste of the Ajinomoto® Umami Culinary Challenge Experience

My Umami Coach and I prepared My Eat Well, Live Well® Plate to promote proper balance of healthy carbohydrates, good quality protein and vibrant-colored vegetables and fresh fruits in a food plating contest.

The Ajinomoto Umami Culinary Challenge (UCC) was attended by thousands of HRM and Nutrition students last January 30, 2015 at the Philippine Trade Training Center. Over 300 students-competitors dished out hundreds of culinary masterpieces with each one striving to depict the importance of “umami deliciousness” in healthy cooking.

A Spread of Umami Ingredients and well-loved Ajinomoto Products at the Ajinomoto Tablescape.
Best of both worlds – Culinary and Nutrition Experts mentor UCC Student-Competitors
The panel of judges is a great mix of technical experts from the culinary and nutrition fields like Celebrity Chefs Gene Gonzales, Sau del Rosario, Eugene Raymundo, Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN) Board Member Dr. Imelda Agdeppa, Nutritionist-Dietician Association of the Philippines (NDAP) President Dr. Adela Jamorabo-Ruiz and Food and Nutrition Research Institute Scientist Maria Jovina Sandoval to name a few. Food entries that landed the top spots showcased the creative use of fresh ingredients to make nutritious and delicious meals.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


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It's just the first month of 2016 and I received a very tragic news from my family telling me our grandmother left us already. It was so sudden. (Well, technically she's not my grandmother, she's my Tita, but it's complicated so let's just say she's our Mommy Lola).

I can't believe when I received the text message. Did I read it right? But we just saw her a couple of months back. She was smiling and she even hugged our Macoki! Unfortunately though, Maco was not in the mood that time so she cried when Mommy Lola hugged her, and I guess Maco seeing her for the first time added up. But at least, she was able to see Maco before she left us.

When I visit her funeral I can't look at her coffin. I can't. I just can't. I was afraid honestly. I thought may tampo siya sa akin because I haven't seen her for too long. I was able to peek from a far though, but I did not go right in front of her.

That night of our visit, I dreamt of her. She was waving at me and smiling. When I woke up, I was relieved. At least I could say hindi siya nagtatampo sa akin and she's at peace. When we visited again to her burial day, I was able to stand right in front of her and look at her at ease face.

Let me share this photo us back in the day! Hehe
I remember when we were younger, we would always play in her bedroom, and I would always play with her abubots on her dresser; her accessories, make-up, and all. It was also in her things where I first saw that thing you put on your shirt when it's long, that shirt clip thing! I forgot what it's called, but nauso din ulit iyon nung mga early 2000s. Hehe! And she loooves to play cards! I think it was from her I first saw how to play solitaire, so I told Papa to teach me that game! Heehee. Sometimes you just can't help and miss the old times and wish to bring it back. But, we've got to move on. Because how can we live our life if don't move on, right?

It was also in that tragic time I was able to see old familiar faces whom I sure do remember but forgot their names! Hehe!

We will miss you, Mommy Lola. You will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#TriSoPureMoment Giveaway!

Hey moms! Share your ‪#‎TriSoPureMoment‬ with us and get a chance to WIN P1,000 worth of TriSoPure Baby Wash products!


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My Coloring 1-Year Old

For her 1st birthday, I wanted to give our little munchkin a table and chair as a gift, but her father thought she doesn't need that because she's just a year old, so I agreed just to end the discussion. Her father's really good with arguments, I must tell you. Hahaha!

A few weeks passed and I noticed how Maco would get my pen and notebook everytime I'm using it. One time I let her use my pen and notebook and she liked drawing! Of course she's not yet good at it but you know what I'm saying, right? 

I showed her father her "drawings" and I gave him my "I told you" look, so yes, he let me buy our little munchkin a set of non-toxic color pens. I wanted to buy the Primomo Crayons set but I find it too expensive at 400+. :(

Little Maco can't decide on which color to use! Haha!

I wanted to buy the Crayola Color Pens which I used to have when I was younger, I loved it back then! Good thing I saw the same when we went to a mall a couple of weeks back. We bought her the 8-piece slim ones. She was so excited she didn't want to let go of it, so we let her use it right away! We also bought her a small white board with cartoon character design which was on sale at only P30.00!!! Yes, 30 pesos lang! Her Ate Dylan have the same that Maco always play with whenever we visit their place.

Our busy little girl 

My Macoki's so cute! She put her color pens inside her bag when she was playing! Ready for school na ata? Lol

I would also like to share this photo of our little munchkin...

Yes, she did that to herself. So I guess buying her non-toxic color pens is a really good idea! ;)

Oh wait, I also want to share this painting we did with her left handsssss. Lol! She didn't like the paint on her hands though!

Maco's left handsssss

  Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored by any brands mentioned!