When Moms say their Baby's age in Months instead of Year

"Aww your baby's so cute! How old is she/he?"

"16 months!"

My little 1 yr old and 1 month so happy with her Yan Yan! Thanks to Tita Jac!
I don't know why, but it just irks me sometimes when other moms say the number of months instead of the year. I mean, is it too hard to say "my baby's 1 year old", so they say "my baby's 123456789 months!". I know most of the moms out there would roll their eyes, raise their eyebrow at me and would be saying "why the hell you care!".

It's just that some moms (like me), but mostly dads doesn't really get it. I think it's harder to understand. I mean if you're asked with your age and if you're 26, do you say 312 months? Just to make things more simple, can it be said with just the year, if the child reached a year old already?

Or maybe, it would be better if it would be said as... "1 year and 4 months!" I guess it's easier to understand than when answering "16 months".

 Well, I'm just saying... Peace


  1. I can relate! Kapag months ung sinasabi nila minsan binibilang ko kung may one year na ba un! Hina ko lang sa math eh! Meron din ganyan sa mga anniversaries!


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