Welcoming 2016 out of the Metro

My father-in-law, planned an out-of-town trip with her wife last Dec. 30th; my mother-in-law, wanted the whole fam to tag along since her children are complete for this year's holiday. Not sure if that's the real reason, I just made that one up! Haha! But, maybe!

Of course, our first stop when we got at Tagaytay was a restaurant! Hahaha! It was lunch time, okay! We arrived at Tagaytay proper past lunch time already because of traffic! Ugh! Grabe pati Tagaytay tina-traffic na! Side kwento: I used to live in Tagaytay for 4 years I think and I loved it! Every weekend morning we would go to palengke, I used to hate it then but now that I thought of it, ang saya pala! Super mura doon! Unlike here in Metro Manila, sobra mahal lahat! Ultimo sili! Hahaha! And fresh talaga mga gulay, lalo na lettuce! I took lettuce for granted back then, I didn't know how expensive it was! Although hindi naman sya ganoon ka-mahal dun, but still. Hindi naman sa tinatapon ko yung lettuce dati, pero hindi ko yun binigyan importansya noon. Lol! Anywayyyy... So yeah, it was so traffic we got at the restaurant (Starbucks, Dencio's area), almost 2 pm already! Grabbbeeee! Supposedly we were going to eat at Leslie's (yes) but it was full so we decided to eat at the next restaurant which was RSM.

Heading on to RSM

But first, OOTD!!! Lol

Yeah! Fierce dapat anak!

Of course, hawak sa bewang din!

Ay wait, may hawak sa tenga din ba 'nak? 

Ay sumama sila Papa and Tita!

The view! Saarraaapppp! Yun nga lang, ang init nung time na yun! Hahaha!

I forgot to take photos of our food because I was so damn hungry! Everyone was, I think! The food was awesome! Apparently, we forgot to take home the bulalo because we were in a hurry to get to the house already. Baka gabi na kami dumating kasi!  Hahaha!

the neighborhood! 

Gondo! Who's peeking from upper window?! Lol

Walang nag-swimming! Sobra lamig ng tubig!!

IDK why but this part of the house creeps me out! Even when I'm just looking at it now, it's giving me goosebumps! Siguro kasi nung may narinig ako na nag-uusap sa labas ng room namin which was the door at the right nung madaling araw, nung tulog na ang lahat. And hindi lang pala ako yung nakarinig, dalawa kami, na nag-sstay naman sa kabilang room. Creepy talaga!
The original plan was to stay there for a night only, but then, the next day, my eldest sister-in-law thought that it would be great to stay there for another night and welcome 2016 out of the Metro and I guess because it's been a long time since Joshua's family has been complete for the holidays!

And so, we did! We convinced Mommy real hard to say yes! Hahahaha! Even if we don't have that much clothes left, it's fine with us! We stayed at Daddy's sister's place in Liliw, Laguna! Thankfully! Because that house we rented in Tagaytay was way creepy! Just typing it now made me have goosebumps all over! Keteket telege! Lol

In all fairness to the place naman, it was really nice as you can see! You wouldn't expect creepiness from it! Hahaha!

It's been a long time since I've been to Liliw so I was really excited to also check out Ilaya, so we could buy shoes for our little munchkin. Well, it ended up me buying a pair and none for Macoki. Heehee! It was raining and we don't have much time, so...

Unfortunately though, Joshua's eldest brother had to come home to Makati. My mother-in-law and I had colds also that night of the 31st. Bummer!!! I was really feeling terrible that night, my head aches, I had runny nose, not the way I wanted to welcome 2016. Who would want that, anyway? But still, I got up past 12 to have dinner. I haven't had dinner yet that time because I was preparing for the midnight feast! Hahaha! But, oh well.

2015 has been wonderful and awesome and all, hoping for the same in 2016, or even better! Cheers!


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