So, how was my 2015?

As you all know, I had a baby December of 2014, and by 2015, she was already a month old. Well, duh. I may have some sleepless nights on the first month, but it was fine!

The first part of 2015 for us, Joshua and I, was pretty rough! I had just a baby and the hospital bills was so damn high! I really did my best to not stay there for more than 2 nights so that it would not go much higher! And that is why we are so thankful for my family and his family for helping us! Joshua and I were really, really thankful! :)

We had just enough for every month; for Maco's check-up, for our groceries, bills, and Joshua's baon to work, so Joshua and I were really careful with our health, most especially with Maco's because we can't afford an unplanned check-up, or worse, being confined. Thankfully, we didn't have serious health issues last year! Thank you Lord! Hoping for a healthy 2016 and the coming years for us as well!

I was surprised with Maco's vaccine price, I actually thought it would not go higher than P2,000.00 but it does, so much higher and we almost cry every month of 2015! HAHAHA! Kidding! And I think we deserve a pat on the back for surpassing 2015 without so much debt! Haha

The first 5 months of my little munchkin was easy. I mean, when my little munchkin cries for milk in the middle of the night, all I had to do to put her back to sleep was stick my boob out, let her milk, and she's back to sleep. I'm so happy to be a breastfeeding mom, it's so easy! Heehee

When she began to walk and talk (saying AHH! MA! PA!), that's when she became kulit and loud! She wanted to go here and there, shouts everytime she walks, and always tells our ball of fur, Max "BA! BA!", she always tell Max to go down from the chairs! She still say that even when she's on the floor already, so I guess she thinks baba was Max's name. Well, I don't really know! And I feel sorry for Max because she's my daughter's favorite asarin. Good thing Max doesn't fight back! Haha! She still loves Maco! Heehee

The last part of 2015 was pretty okay already. There was a time we had to skip a month for her check-up, and Joshua and I were jumping for joy! Because we're able to save that money for her coming first birthday! Joshua's dad also helped me to earn extra for our munchkin's first birthday party. We are really thankful to him for that!

The whole year also helped me to be more patient because of my little munchkin. I also learned to appreciate my husband more because of all the things he has done for us. Most of the time kasi, it doesn't seem like he care with our problems or something, but he does. He just have a different approach to it. Even though we've been together for almost 5 years, he still surprises me everyday. And that is a good surprise! And I'm so thankful for he's my husband! Naks! So hun, are we going out anytime soon? Hahahahaha! But seriously, thank you for being you, hun. Even when we argue most of the time, we make sure we're good before we go to bed. Yes, we argue most of the time because of the stupidest thing! Lol but it's fine, we're fine. No worries.

With blog-related naman, I'm so happy I was able to attend a couple of events! It was really, really nice to meet fellow mom bloggers, and also to be friends with them on and off the internet! So grateful to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for letting me join their group and for letting us join the events and meet other mommy bloggers as well!

2015 has been awesome! And this 2016 I'm hoping for same or even better! Cheers to everyone!


  1. iyak tawa din ako sa vaccine price ni jami eh hahahaha! actually hindi sya complete. =( Anyway, good thing we didnt have major health issue din so cheers for that! Thank you to 2015, I have met you =)

    1. diba?! di ko akalain na ganun ka-mahal yung vaccine talaga! hahahaha! sana ngayon 1yr na sya hindi na every month! ayun nga lang, nagkasakit naman ngayon maco... hays. pero at least di grabe hehe


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